Contents: Caldera Solutions CD

The following products are contained on the Caldera Solutions CD:

ADABASE D database from Software AG

ASWedit HTML editor from AdvaSoft

Caldera Internet Office Suite from Caldera

CorelDraw from Corel Corporation

Crisp text editor from Vital

Cyclom-Ye/PCI serial board driver from Cyclades

EditTable & Chart Object graphics development tools from Interactive Network Technologies

FlagShip 4.4 applications development language and database from WorkGroup Solutions

Labtam X-WinPro, a package that allows MS-Windows based PCs to become remote/networked Caldera Workstations, from Labtam Finland Ltd.

MetaCard 2.0 GUI multimedia authoring tool from MetaCard

Metro-X X server from MetroLink

Motif development libraries from MetroLink

NetCat interactive inter/intranet catalog ordering and quotation system from DynamicWeb

PartitionMagic hard disk manager from PowerQuest

Starter Kit web site builder from Stallion Technologies

Synchronize scheduling and task management tool from CrossWind Technologies

X11 PrintManager from Ematek

The Caldera Solutions CD can be obtained by calling (800)850-7779 or sending e-mail to