Linux man pages via vh-man2html:

My home page where you can find more info on vh-man2html:

vh-man2html Intel ELF binary rpms:

vh-man2html source rpms:

vh-man2html tar format source and binary:

Version of man with a fast makewhatis script:

Richard Verhoeven's pointers to some manual page converters:


If you're interested in translating pre-formatted man pages:

Remote control of Netscape:

Weblint home page—your pages should have the the weblint ring of confidence:

A starter on HTML:

Apache HTTP daemon documentation:

A Perl driven approach:
Shishir Gundavaram, “CGI Programming on the World Wide Web”,
O'Reilly & Associates, 1996

General introduction to a bunch of things—more than just the Web:
Liu, Peek, Jones, Buus & Nye,
“Managing Internet Information Services”,
O'Reilly & Associates, 1994

Awk—the little language that could:
Aho, Kernighan & Weinberger,
“The AWK Programming Language”, Addison Wesley, 1988

Arnold Robbins, “Effective AWK Programming”, SSC, Inc., 1996