Xfig is available in binary and source form from tsx-11.mit.edu: pub/linux/usr.bin.X11/xfig218.tar.gz, and from sunsite: /X11/xapps/graphics/draw/xfig218.tgz. Note that at sunsite, a number of example files are included. From your root directory, tar -xzvf xfig218.tgz will ungzip and untar the whole package at once, placing the appropriate files in the correct places.

Xfig is designed for a three-button mouse; however, a two-button mouse can be used by using the meta (ALT) key in combination. I used this prior to getting a three-button mouse and I found that other window managers than olwm were better at this.

The file xpaint2.1.1-LINUX.TGZ is on sunsite in X11/xapps/graphics.