I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in the Linux Conference at OSW. I had a grand time meeting the actual humans behind the e-mail addresses and from what I could tell, the whole affair came off very well indeed. As Dr. Wett stein would say, “Linux Forever!”

Here's hoping the second annual conference is even bigger than the first!

—Vance W. Petree

I only found out about this conference a week earlier from a posting on one of the Linux newsgroups, and since it was within a few hours driving distance, and could get me out of work for a few days, I decided to go and take my main Linux undergrad student with me, too. We are both very glad that we did so; the conference was really a lot of fun and quite informative. I must admit that even after helping to set up and maintain just one Linux system here in Villanova's Engineering college, in a Novell network infested with about 150 DOS/Windows PCs, I really hadn't used it myself much at all except for sysadmin stuff, and though very pleased with it, still considered it a toy, compared with the network of Suns

I administer. The conference has totally changed my viewpoint on this, and if Linux was available as a virus that could spread through a Novell network, I'd inject it right now.

The conference was small and informal, more like a workshop, with lots of very knowledgeable speakers sharing their expertise. I was very impressed with all of the speakers, even the ones who were not quite as evangelistic as Greg Wettstein, who may have convinced me to switch religions if he was speaking on that topic. And having an expert like Donald Becker bring his advanced insights down to the level of novice users was especially valuable....

—Dr. Rick Perry, ECE Department,
Villanova University