CMS Expo

April 9, 2012
Chicago, Il

CMS Expo is a high-value experience for web business leaders and the whole Content Team: marketers, designers, writers, developers and admins. The 6th annual CMS Expo features 80-plus sessions in 7 tracks, 14 CMSs, 50 speakers, focused on delivering reliable, relevant, actionable advice.

CMS Expo is a user-driven conference. In other words, the sessions are not PR spin or sales pitches by vendors; the purpose of the learning sessions is for just that, learning & discovery. CMS Expo is exists to help Content Pros from businesses, non-profits, education and government to make more informed decisions on their content management systems and the teams of people who power them.

Come for live site case studies and flyovers to learn about CMSs’ features and benefits. Experience head-to-head comparison panels and roundtables, plus plenty of business networking and socials to get everyone involved and keep them up to speed. CMS Expo is great to make connections with the “who’s who” in the CMS community, while getting excellent advice from the best in the business.

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