X11R6 (Comment/unComment help)


I don't know that is it right place for X11 Build but i greatly thanks for reply on this pain on head problem
i find three MAIN pillers on X11R6 to build
host.def site.def xorgsite.def
where i am disturbinb host.def and xorgsite.def for make my
X 4.3.0 to X11R6.9.0
for uncommenting for example i don't want to build font

*/uncomment this for not build font
*for x widows
*#define BuildFonts NO

must like

*/uncomment this for not build
*font for x windows
#define BuildFonts NO


*/uncomment this for not build font
*font for x windows
*ok outside from home
*ok outside from home
#define BuildFonts NO

i hope representation is understandable
please answer to Question so i escaped from wasting time on compiling
thanks advance
thanks for thinking and reading (on) my post/Question

please don't reply it is a

vivekvyas13jul1992's picture

please don't reply it is a stupid Question
As thus file follows Programming language comment statement
Sorry for making post/Question like this

linu(s/x) is greaaaaaaaaate

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