Windows PC Stolen: What Should I Do?

An obviously dopey thief broke into my house and stole a clunky, dust-covered Windows Pentium III desktop. Oddly, he/she left behind my two cherished R Cubed Linux laptops and a big USB harddisk. What should I do?

Tell the police and put out an APB to the pawn shops. Get the machine back at all costs!!!
12% (78 votes)
Tell the police but give them a Knoppix disk. Once they catch the thief, they can enlighten him with a real OS.
27% (180 votes)
Don't tell the police...your home is now exorcised of its evil spirit. Jeez, James, don't you see the thief did you a favor?
61% (402 votes)
Total votes: 660


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If he's ever caught, you

smpratz's picture

If he's ever caught, you should recommend he gets off with time served.

It's obvious, isn't it?!?

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Obviously, having examined all of your computers, the thief decided to go with the one that had "value" ... after all, those other ones are running a "free operating system" ... it's a little hard to "shift" stuff that's free, isn't it? ;-)

Paul Barry

The thief should be caught

Tomek's picture

The thief should be caught anyway lest he commits more crimes. If you didn't use that old windows machine you could install Gnu/Linux on it as well and either find some use for it, donate it or simply give it away.