Which species do you most relate to and why?


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Borg is a culture

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I would argue that the Borg collective is more of a culture than a species or race. It is composed of other assimilated races. The Borg do not breed true, they convert others. Picard was human and continued to be human as Locutus even though he was also Borg. Thus he was able to be restored after separation from the collective. You can't genetically become Borg.

You guys make me laugh

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This is an awesome survey it is always good to take a break from the real world and do some introspection on who I am today. It was not that long ago and I would have definitely said Vulcan since they focus on logic, but lately I have come to realize that I like logic but it is not really that big of a focus in my life.

I could say Borg since I think teamwork and living in harmony is a good goal. However, the borgs on in the comments keep referring to racism. Yes, races are different anyone who really knows anyone from another race/culture/etc... knows that they are different (take a look at the ratios of the various races in sports, particularly Basketball in the US). That does not make them bad people it just means they are different. If we want everyone to be the same then obviously we would be like the borg who assimilate everyone and everything in their wake and while some may think that is a good thing I personally prefer to be different from the next guy in at least some small way.

Ferengi I am not. If I can make enough money to support my family I am fine, but relating to the last paragraph I am sure glad their are entrepreneurs out there so I can make money and support my family.

So Klingon or Romulan? Klingon are very focused on Honor which is good, the software industry could always use some more of those. But they are also very aggressive at promoting what they stand for (again something good for the software industry) and while I may be opinionated I am normally not very out going about it.

So I guess I am Romulan. Since I like a touch of logic, I like planning and accomplishing my goals and on occasion I make choices which are best for me or my company regardless of the impact it may have on the outside world. (For instance, I do have a computer that runs Windows without the option of dual booting into Linux :(

...whatever Q was...that's my

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...whatever Q was...that's my choice.
Super-evolved. All-knowing. Total arse. :)

...whatever Q was...that's my

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...whatever Q was...that's my choice.
Super-evolved. All-knowing. Total arse. :)


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FOSS is preferable to licenses.
Paying for private usage is not profitable.
Paying for personal usage is not profitable.
Paying for improvements is acceptable.

Vulcans are not emotions-less

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They learnt to control them

I would say Rattus

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I would say Rattus rattus.

Cause I collect "junk", I'm misunderstood and sometimes feared.

Romulan, logical, yet

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Romulan, logical, yet cunning, and opportunistic. Has a lot of information and intelligence about everything.

Sounds more like Vulcan

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Are not Vulcans the more logical ones?

They both are

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Vulcans and Romulans are very close genetically, in fact there were a couple episodes devoted to them getting back together.

Vulcans are logic centric. Their life revolves around logic to exclusion(control) of emotion from any decision making.

Romulans are also very logical but they allow emotion to affect their decisions. Unlike Humans and Klingons who have some logic but are primarily driven by emotion. You will notice Romulans are always considered cunning and will take any victory even if it is emotionally not acceptable by Human standards. Invariably they are better prepared for individual battles then the federation and on various occasions have been able to manipulate the Klingons to reach their own ends.

Im the Grand Nagus!

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Ferengi. I like my women nude and my latinum gold pressed. And I like my OS linux!


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cute, cuddly... and reproductive... oh wait, 2 kids is enough.. scratch that.


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If you have to ask you are obviously in need of assimilation. Please step to the left.

I'm Vulcan

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I choose Vulcan, because I made the most logical choice when choosing my computer's operating system. That's why I choose Linux.
LOL ;-)

i would go for vulcan too, it

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i would go for vulcan too, it represent power so it represent linux :)
best wireless router


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Obvious really since the Neanderthals were dying out.

Klingon ftw

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I like to think that I am more tlingha than anything else. They have gruff, violent exteriors that belie their love of opera and literature. They are technologically savvy. They respect tradition and honor. They can fight if pushed (well, even if not pushed).

I am none of these things, of course, but it's sometimes not about who you are than who you aspire to be.

I like taking the Linux

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I like taking the Linux Journal surveys. Makes me think I am helping the use of and the aim for more OpenSource. Big Big Fan.
As for the answer "Ferengi" - why obviously the face I make every morning and night.

Where is

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Where is the Trill? , Jem'Hadar Alfa ? and not to foget the Changelings/Founders and the Bajoran and also the Cardassian ?


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Kardashian, as in 'Kim'. There are many well-shaped individuals in that species!


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Because all other options are highly illogical, captain!


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Pointy ears, smarts and an attitude to go with it!


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Why aren't human an option?

bad guy or geek stereotype

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Yeah, what if I don't particularly identify with any one-dimensional stereotypes?

Worse yet, of the stereotypes we're offered, one is a geek stereotype, which is obviously what we're supposed to choose, and just to reinforce that, all the others are (to a greater or lesser degree) bad guys!

My problem is that I don't identify with the emotionless Vulcans. I am far too social an animal to sympathize with their cold, stand-offish attitude (and I enjoy having sex more than once every seven years). But I don't think I'm a bad guy, so that rules out the other choices as well.

Great, imposing Star Trek's racism into the real world?

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Once upon a time, Star Trek was about getting past the perceived restrictions of race.

As much as Uhura got stuck wearing costuming that played into sexism, Martin Luther King Jr encouraged her to stay, as a role model of America beginning down a path away from white/black racism.

But the later series got increasingly irritating in expounding on an increasing set of racial ghettos.

Sure, the "coolest" plots in ST:TNG were about Picard interacting with Klingon politics. But things sure declined from the TOS days, where, while it was *convenient* that tribbles could detect Klingons, they weren't racially restricted to being blood-wine-swilling "Vikings in space."

The "obvious bias" is surely that, as computer geeks, that interact with computers a lot, we're likely to bias towards Vulcan-ish racism.

ah yes. now i remember, it's

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ah yes. now i remember, it's vulcan. lemme vote :D


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i'm trying to remember the difference between romulan and vulcan lol
but i know it's one of those

The difference

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The difference is that Vulcans are more logical than Romulans.
The Volcans were the first species to make contact with humans.
The Romulans did not seem to like the United Federation of Planets, and are more war like, and less logical.

That's the difference.

WTB making stereotypical geek

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WTB making stereotypical geek surveys. We certainly don't have enough to overcome to get Linux mainstream as to focus on freaking STar Trek.