Which Linux distribution do you use most frequently?

Arch Linux
4% (328 votes)
4% (288 votes)
10% (824 votes)
9% (727 votes)
4% (314 votes)
5% (383 votes)
1% (93 votes)
5% (424 votes)
2% (159 votes)
Red Hat
2% (188 votes)
3% (200 votes)
Ubuntu (any flavor, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, etc.)
46% (3672 votes)
Yellow Dog Linux
0% (14 votes)
Other (let us know with a comment)
4% (314 votes)
Total votes: 7928


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Linux Mint

Anonymous's picture

You need to include Linux Mint in your poll, it gets the third most hits on Distrowatch behind Ubuntu and OpenSuse

Its the most user friendly Linux distro out there, its converted me and I've gotten several friends and relatives to convert to Linux as well.

Simply Mepis

Cliff's picture

I'm a reformed Distro Junkie. I now use Mepis 8.0 for it's stability and reliability - BUT most of all because of it's community. The best distro and people (on the Mepis Lovers Forum) I've found so far.
Try it, I think you'll like it.

I use

jbs's picture

I use Zenwalk, a Slackware based distro. I use it on my desktop and laptop.


my preferite O.S. is linux

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my preferite O.S. is linux mint 6, a debian distro
it has mintinstall the most friendly software install ( i don't kwnow why ubuntu don't use it )
recently it's avalaible kde e xfce desktop and 64 bit version

Several :)

mwallette's picture

Let's see...I've got a Slackware desktop and server at home, a Debian laptop at home, a Gentoo desktop and laptop at work, a Ubuntu netbook and I maintain several Gentoo servers at work.

Gentoo is probably my favorite, although I was really impressed with how easy it was to connect to wireless networks on the Ubuntu netbook...much easier than my Debian and Gentoo laptops, and even easier than my wife's Vista laptop (gag, choke).


Medieval_Creations's picture

I run Debian on my Desktops and my Servers. I'm currently tinkering with FreeBSD on my test server.

I prefer Debian over Ubuntu, because of Debian's goal of avoid modifying the original programs source code wherever possible.

antiX on 2 old laptops, an

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antiX on 2 old laptops, an old desktop and a fairly modern desktop as well.


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I realize this is just an idle poll, but it might be interesting to redo as two polls and separate desktops from server usage. I've seen a lot of comments that say they use one distro for for desktop and one for server. I use Gentoo and Debian, respectively.

Linux Mint 6

Jon Brett's picture

Linux Mint 6 here - another Ubuntu convert to the more polished minty-ness.
I am using Ubuntu Netbook remix on my Aspire One... wonder if the Mint team feel like doing something for netbooks as well :)


Andrew Schott's picture

Fedora on all desktop systems, CentOS/Red Hat on servers.

DVRs count?

AndySocial's picture

The distro I use MOST is Knoppmyth, since the DVR is on 24/7 for the past 3 years. :-)


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On my desktop/laptop - Kubuntu.
On the server side: Red Hat.


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Fedora all the time


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puppy linux

Michael's picture

puppy linux

CentOS is more popular among the hosting providers

Servlet's picture

CentOS is more popular among the hosting providers
See this poll

Dislike ubuntu...

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Don't know, I just don't like it.

I use slackware, which is completely awesome.

Don't know, I just don't like it.

Dislike Slackware's picture

I use Ubuntu, which is completely awesome.

Lately I've been trying out

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Lately I've been trying out every distribution that sounds interesting. Many are variations of Ubuntu, and the biggest differences seem to be just the desktop art... I change that soon after the first boot. Also, a distro gets extra points from me if I can install KDE-3 on it.


muthii's picture

Centos on server and desktop. PIII box zenwalk or someother small distro.

I choose Debian : ) , i have

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I choose Debian : ) , i have been using it for 2 years now, tried ubuntu 9.04 looks cool but its not Debian


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I switched from FreeBSD after giving Warty Warthog a try.

My Trifecta

likemindead's picture

My desktop at home runs Xubuntu, my ancient PII at work runs antiX, & my old PIII laptop runs CrunchBang.

I love all three & would hate to have to choose just one.



theillien's picture

I find it odd that you would have Red Hat and Fedora as separate options but openSuSE isn't on the list while Novell/SuSE is.


Anonymous's picture

The circle of friends will never be broken
Ubuntu to bombo rass clath!!!

Two desktops and one laptop

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Two desktops and one laptop on Linux Mint 5 here. That's our main rides.

Use Ubuntu but recently

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Use Ubuntu but recently tested Mint. And I like it. Its just like Ubuntu only cleaner and looks nicer.

Like Debian better

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I use Debian at home and Ubuntu at work, web server is Debian.
I like Debian better.

Sidux Please

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Please add to the list.


lapubell's picture

+1 for Sidux. Using it now, and loving every moment with it.

Hmmm, all things Ubuntu are

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Hmmm, all things Ubuntu are listed as a different branch than Debian, but if we were to really compare, Ubuntu is a Debian derivative, albeit too far removed to be truly compatible with its source. Others in the list are Debian based too, so IMHO, the real winner is ... Debian

I use Mepis because nothing has come close in the last 4 years in terms of usability and hardware detection OOTB, plus it's a KDE based distro.


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I use Debian at home and Ubuntu at work.
Since I spend more time at work than at home (at the computer) I choose Ubuntu.
But I like Debian better.


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Some have said it is to Gentoo what Ubuntu is to Debian but I think it is much much better. Finally there is a BSD style ports/pkg* system for Linux.



Timmy Macdonald's picture

At the moment, CrunchBang, although until last week it was exclusively Ubuntu.
Also, I think CrunchBang qualifies as an Ubuntu derivative, so that's where my vote went.

Re: CrunchBang

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I like CrunchBang too, and while it is based off of Ubuntu, I think the changes made to CrunchBang are significant enough to where it can be classified as its own distro.


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Over the past year or two I've noticed most of the articles written by LJ target Ubuntu. That leads me to believe most of their readers are now using Ubuntu. This poll tends to agree. It might explain some of the low marked systems.

I'm not claiming that there is anything wrong with any of the systems listed or disputing that many people use Ubuntu. I am saying that it might be that most of the people that use the other systems may not have participated.

I currently use Fedora, CentOS and RedHat as I always have.

Linux Mint

jakobcreutzfeldt's picture

Linux Mint


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I voted Debian, because one of my desktops runs Debian, another desktop and my laop run sidux, and the only two live CD's I use (Gparted-Live & Finnix) are Debian-based. I also have a server running Ubuntu, but that is Debian-based also.


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well, technically openSUSE

Debian and Ubuntu

Aaron Toponce's picture

If I could vote twice, I would. I am using Debian more currently than Ubuntu, so I voted in that direction. I have 2 Debian servers, 2 Debian desktops and 1 Ubuntu VM.


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gNewSense is my distro of choice. Gotta love the distro recommended by the FSF.

Nothing for Mandriva? WOW!

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Nothing for Mandriva? WOW!

Another for Mandriva

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Been using Mandriva for a long time
I use Mandriva on the Desktop, CentOS on my servers and Puppylinux on my old P3 Laptop

Fedora 10 of course

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One vote for Fedora 10. With this Fedora 10 Installation Guide it's pretty easy for anyone to learn the basics and use it! :)


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Mint...that is, if it's considered "other" and not Ubuntu"

well kinda

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I USE kubuntu but I admin a few thousand RedHat servers.

Same here

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I use Ubuntu on my personal Linux machine, but I admin CentOS desktops & servers. CentOS runs on my workstation in the office as well.

me too

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Ubuntu on laptop, Debian on home servers/desktops, CentOS on the servers at $work.