What's your favorite audio player?

22% (703 votes)
10% (339 votes)
4% (138 votes)
3% (93 votes)
25% (819 votes)
3% (104 votes)
7% (243 votes)
other (please tell us which one in the comments below)
25% (825 votes)
Total votes: 3264


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ALL Music Player

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I want to share with you a new cool music player for Linux, it has more than only play music, you can also browse remote libraries from your friends even download their music, also has connection to Facebook and Twitter. http://www.all.com/

Favorite player

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Guayadeque is my favorite music player.

Quod Libet!

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I tried many, but after having found gmusicbrowser I don't miss any features I had before on other players (before moving to Linux I used Foobar)...

Give it a try! Also very nice little community behind the project;-)

MPlayer and Audacious

Rob's picture

I normally use mplayer to play podcasts or videos, particularly now that I have written a front-end (mostly command line) which will remember where I quit a media file if I have not completed playing it! Unfortunately I haven't yet released this app. or I'd post a reference here :(

If I want to listen to a music files on my netbook, I prefer the minimalist approach of Audacious.

The best (for me) is :

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Windows Media Player !

of course !
indeed !!


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Audacious or DeaDBeeF

LightningRose's picture

Audacious and DeaDBeeF are both very light, no-nonsense, no needless frills, easy to use programs.

If DeaDBeeF remembered where it was in the playlist after shutdown and restart, it would be my favorite.

Both are fully compatible with the Select-o-Magic 3000 audio file playlist creator.


mplayer and noatun (which I don't really like so much)

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mplayer and noatun (which I don't really like so much)


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With various clients.
I have yet to settle on a client.

1st - Audacious 2nd - VLC 3rd

Miguel Ferreira's picture

1st - Audacious
2nd - VLC
3rd - SMplayer

Audacious is simple to use as an audio player, and it just works on Gnome. VLC is great for movies and configuration, hyper versatile.

SMplayer is also great with lots os options and functions.


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Audio player

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I use vlc and mplayer. I also stream into my Web browser from my NAS, which often uses totem. Not one of those are on the list!

Favorite Player

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The CLI based mplayer, which I usually run from my own BASH scripts which manage all my media.

Cmus a gret ncurses based

Anonymous's picture

Cmus a gret ncurses based audio player with commands similar to vim


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gMusicBrowser is simply put the best player available. It is fast, lightweight, flexible, customizable, hackable, and intensely powerful. To me, it is the killer app that requires me to have a linux VM on any other OS boxes I run.


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amarok 1.4 using qt4!

VLC it plays everything

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VLC it plays everything

DeaDBeeF - Ultimate Music Player For GNU/Linux

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The best is ...

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The best is Cowon JetAudio (free) but since I switched to Ubuntu I wanted something similar. I tried many of the listed audio players but they are all flawed. I ended up with Audacious, small, simple and easy to use.


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Because it is pretty coolgut.

XBMC - X-Box Media Center on Linux

Spider's picture

XBMC is nice when you want a media center approach. The library functions nicely, it has great eye-candy, and downloads fan art and info from various sources using plugins.


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MPD and Theremin

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I like MPD, so I can control it with one of many clients over the network. Clients I like are QMPDClient, Theremin (which i use currently on my Mac controlling MPD on my home OpenBSD server) and sometimes just plain mpc.


skd's picture

tunein for android
the best stream player I know

Music On Console

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MOC: it look like midnight commander, it's blue, it's under a console; on left you have the files, on right you have playlist. I like it because whatever i make my graphical desktop suffer, music don't stop. And i can easily control it with my phone via ssh without moving form sofa...

Clementine FTW

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Chalk another one up for Clementine for pure music.

Also Mplayer and VLC for the rest. I'm particularly impressed with Mplayer's versatility.

pithos -

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pithos - http://kevinmehall.net/p/pithos/
A pandora client for linux.

favorite audio player

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Clementine for streaming radio and playing music library.
Streamtunner and streamripper to record music from radio streams.

I've used Exaile for a long time, loved it, but the streamripper is broken with no fix in sight.

Favorite audio player...VLC

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I use VLC for audio, video and streaming. I find it very powerful, easy to use and customizable.

favorite audio player

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Audacious 'cause its small,

Anonymous's picture

'cause its small, fast and clear UI


Anonymous's picture

Audacious is my player or choice

Yes man, this is the world

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Yes man, this is the world best audioplayer. These guys didn´t write it down in the list.


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I use VLC for both audio and video.


Dragon Player

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Easy, simple, no nonsense.

Audacious, because it is

Alex K's picture

Audacious, because it is small and light, and just what I need to play back my Open University audio files for French.

VLC again

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VLC of course!!! I don't understand why in not included in the options list. VLC is the best "multimedia" player (not just music, but video, online radio, online video, etc.)

VLC may not have the "bells and whistles" of other players, but does the job simply and efficiently on most audio (and video) formats.

+1 for Clementine

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Favorite Audio Player

Lawrence H. Bulk's picture

I use VLC exclusively, both for audio and video. It plays just about every kind of audio file simply and conveniently. And if I can hear it via VLC, I can record it.


phisi's picture

I like gap-free playback and playing around with LADSPA plugins


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Anonymous's picture

Clementine is the one 4 me!

Favorite media player

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+1 for VLC

Favorite media player

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With a command line interface it's very powerful, easy to launch on any other machine (say from your laptop you want to start music on your mobile) - an ability most of the ones with graphical front end lack.

vlc, is second best for me. It too, lacks above ability in its command line interface.

mplayer also starts up faster than many of the other players.

vlc with mplayer

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vlc for playing, mplayer for superb capture


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The best player ever!


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I like KMP

Anonymous's picture

KMP due to,
1. it keeps good audio pefromance while fast forward.
2. it jumps to any file location smoothly.
3. it supports resume to last location
4. its low CPU loading