What is your primary mobile device platform?

We're curious to know which mobile platform you use most often.  Please also feel free to let us know if there is a specific device or manufacturer you prefer in the comments below.


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I hate my phone

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N8 - Symbian

I started my contract on an N900
- a real keyboard
- native ssh, through busybox
- no propitiatory jailing
- a large software repository (esp if I used the .deb repos)
- replaceable battery because this tablet PC's battery life, though long for tables was short for a phone.
- hack my own python apps

The GPRS connection started to fail.
Still under warranty - cool so I returned my device to Nokia for repair.

Nokia felt they were unable to provide the repair quickly so sent me a (new N900 which met my requirements) Oops sorry my mistake their words said will send a similar phone.

Note the N8 has none of my requirements met except it's a phone. I may as well be on a £15 contract as far as my usage goes, and I'm paying much more than that!


Sony Ericsson

SenthilrajaK's picture

Sony Ericsson K530i
simple and smart

Real old fashion

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My favorite mobile device is the pay telephone. Unfortunately, they are getting hard to find. Pay as you go, those were the days.


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acer netbook + blackberry(work, if it were mine it would be an android), Kindle 3, great for books and having them read to you on a a noisy, crowded train. I will never buy a book for it though. Only use it for the likes of Gutenberg project and library rentals.

Mobile Device

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I have a Droid phone and a rooted Nook Color. Having the android app for the Nook sealed the deal for me. I would have preferred paper but at least now I can take LJ to the gym and read on the tread mill! -Rick

Other: "Proprietary" :)

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Well, I use Samsung E250, and it has "Proprietary" OS :D

Mobile computing == mobile slavery

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A cell phone on vibrate, so I can return the Hell Desk's call and tell them that I'm at a restaurant and so contact someone else.

Phone OS

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Symbian 40

No phone please.

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I use a Zaurus. It gives me a portable command line.

mobile device

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cell phone

Symbian... pls include that

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Symbian... pls include that in the poll

I have an Sony EricssonW810i

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I have an Sony EricssonW810i


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nokia classic 6120

Admit prefer replace mobilephone with small laptop running linux which rings when someone calls that can then answer or leave to listen to message later.

mobile "platform"

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I want a real keyboard for perl hacking in vi, so I use an HP laptop replacing Windoze7 with Ubuntu. Requires WiFi, but that's been easy to find lately.

Mobile platform

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<3 it

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ROFL! So true.

I use arms for high frequency spectra, feet for LAN, inline skates for WAN and a bicycle for the MAN. If I need to use busses, I keep myself busy with an Android tablet ;)

Symbian - Nokia N95

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Symbian - Nokia N95

Open Pandora

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My main mobile system is an Open Pandora. Felt like I should show some love for my system.

mobile platform?

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What would I want a mobile platform for?

nokia symbian s60 3rd FP1 :-P

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nokia symbian s60 3rd FP1


Java Os

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Java Os have application.Then less problem occur on the os. but in other os made some problem on from it made. Like Android want more configure for comfortable usage. symbian apple mobile ok it's comfortable and it have more version because it grandfather for mobile os. Now I Like and use java "Simple make powerful".


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just a cell phone

Motorola EZX (Linux)

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Using Motorola EZX (i.e., Linux-based). Browser, local telnet (to do some minor neat stuff on that limited Busybox-style environment), SSH.

How about Symbian...?

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...Ohh yes, the US market, the center of the world...

BTW, Symbian S60, NOKIA 5800

OpenMoko for me

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Yep, I've got an OpenMoko. Still works just fine and respects my freedom.

WinMobile and RedFly

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Latest experiment is old WinMobile, XV6900 (HTC Touch/Vogue), with Celio RedFly, a netbook-sized dumb terminal for the 6900 - provides 8-inch 800x480 screen and 80% (or so) full-sized keyboard/trackpad (no trackpoint unfortunately), and can charge the phone while connected with USB, or not if using bluetooth. Neat concept.

Tethering any kind of notebook/netbook/tablet on the phone is my alternative scenario (or just the phone by itself to travel really "Spartan" ... for me).

My Phone

Mortimer Finklestien's picture

I still use my trusty old HTC Wizard with WM (renamed CE Pocket PC Phone Edition, really) 5.0. I have a 10 + year relationship with T-Mo, and a great deal, and I'm not switching unless I have to. i.e. A freakin' T&T takes over.

I use both a WebOS phone and

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I use both a WebOS phone and tablet:)

Symbian S60.

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Symbian S60.

It's a bit outdated maybe, but there are still tons of Symbian devices out there (mostly Nokia, mostly in Europe) and I'm very surprising that it didn't show up as an option in the poll.

Symbian - Nokia 5230

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Symbian 5230, without WiFi or mobile connection :P


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Symbiam on Nokia 5800 xpress

I still depend much on the laptop to work.
On the go I just need a small device to receive emails, sync calendar and contacts, call via Skype, and browse a couple of web pages, etc..

...that the Symbian can manage.

It also provides Internet access for the laptop via bluetooth for client presentations.

But next year I shall have buy a ipad or a Android tab for commercial demos...

i don't use mobile phone

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i don't use mobile phone. It's dangerous for health

...so, may i use webos?

Palm Pixi+

JoeZiehmer's picture

Wrote a letter before and I like my Palm Pixi+ with WebOS. Doubles as my USB dongle when running Ubuntu without needing an rndis ethernet gadget and misreading the Linux .inf in the programming. As for reading and ePub the screen does well at displaying text and provides a great full functioning keyboard.

My preferred mobile device:

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My preferred mobile device: Paper.

Raise the rates and print the magazine!

Star Trek Like Phone

gregladen's picture

I have a cool cell phone that flips open and closed like a star trek communicator. It also has an alarm clock and an inadequate camera.

Nothing fancy

L90's picture

An old bar phone, an ancient desktop running WServer2003 (hey it was free!) that I've been meaning to convert to doubleboot with Debian as primary, and an old Panasonic Toughbook with no battery.

Symbian 9.3 on a N79

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Symbian 9.3 on a N79

Wave II

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I'm using a samsung wave II with bada OS.. its just awesome.. great performance... and I am looking at bada 2 release of Samsung... its just as featured as android..

What is your primary mobile device platform?

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I have no modern mobile phone. Only my old visor Handspring (tel numbers, few comments) and my macbookpro.

Android Phone AND Android

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Android Phone AND Android Tablet

Kindle DXG

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My favorite mobile device, aside from my 5+ year old mobile phone which I never use and leave off, is my recently purchased Amazon Kindle DX Graphite.

It's so great to be actually reading whole man pages (after converting them from man2html | ebook-convert to .mobi.)

Digital PDF books are great to read as this thing is so much like paper, I frequently catch myself flipping the h/w over to read the back of the page. Great for reading before bed each night instead of a bright LCD screen.

Only question now is, when will Linux Journal be emailing their PDF subscriptions automatically direct to the Kindle DXG's (and other PDF enabled devices) instead of us manually having to download and copy to our reading devices?

Smart phones

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I have a Linux (CentOS) web/mail/ssh/sftp/database/backup/etc server, a Linux (Debian) workstation, a Windows (7) workstation, and a Linux (Arch) laptop.

Oh, and an OpenBSD firewall in a MiniITX system.

As for walkie talkies,

Then I have a "stupid" phone; the older variety that just does phone calls, and wakes me up in the morning. It has a calculator, snake, and some other things. Had it since 2003 and it still does everything I need.

"Smart" phones are dumb. The Linux laptop is much more useful.

mobile device platform

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A dumb phone and a pencil+notepad. Glad to see I'm not alone.

Palm Pre Plus

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I don't see what's wrong with WebOS, it runs a full Linux and I trust HP more than I do Google, perhaps someone can enlighten me on why this may be a problem.

Have u ever seen a non-palm

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Have u ever seen a non-palm device running WebOS?
I prefer the option to switch manufacturers which means Android/WP7/Symbian.

It's not a problem. This

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It's not a problem. This poll was posted shortly after HP's announcement that their WebOS tablet would be discontinued, which then prompted a frenzied sell-off at $99 each. I'm quite sad I missed out on that, actually. So, the "ha ha" part was more like "sucks if this is your fav since it was just discontinued." That said, HP is actually planning one more run of the TouchPad in order to meet the huge demand created by the price drop, so maybe there's some hope if it is your favorite mobile platform. I hope I can get in on this last run. Who doesn't want a $99 tablet?

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

Lots of $99 Tablets

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Thinking you might want to qualify that with "high quality" - otherwise check out a Craig Android tablet when on sale (about every other week) at CVS drugstores. ;-}

Symbian S60 5th edition on

Dromedary's picture

Symbian S60 5th edition on Nokia 5230. I think my next Smart Phone will be also a Symbian one. I prefer Nokia but I try to avoid Windows (and can't afford N9).

Sony Ericsson K610i

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Sony Ericsson K610i

No mobile

Maurice G.'s picture

I don't use a mobile; I use a tracker - the GlobalSat TR102.

This is a device which can :

# ring up to three pre-set numbers;
# send a GPS instant message to a pre-set number;
# receive incoming calls.

I don't need a mobile; wonderful !