What is your primary mobile device platform?

We're curious to know which mobile platform you use most often.  Please also feel free to let us know if there is a specific device or manufacturer you prefer in the comments below.


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None of the Above

conceitedjerk's picture

My mobile platform is a PalmOne Treo 650, running PalmOS 5.4.8. Bought for $5 CAD on eBay in January 2011, it does everything I "need" it to do.

Mobile OS

Robert Smits's picture

I use the standard Motorola operating system that comes with my phone, an older 262. I don't use my phone for email, web browsing, or anything but as a telephone, nor do I want to until we get decent data rates in Canada. And I won't be changing my mobile phone for something fancier, either, because none of these fancy devices come with a decent hands free kit for my car - that doesn't involve loose wires all over the interior of the vehicle, and phones (missiles) lying loose on the seat.

Mobile NOT

Anonymous's picture


other -> none why is there no

Anonymous's picture

other -> none
why is there no option for "none"?

My "mobile" solution is a hard-copy of the magazine.

Sam Bromley's picture

I agree: Why is there no "none" option?

I own an ipod. It sits on my desk.

My "mobile" solution is a hard-copy of the magazine.

Other: Maemo N900, sigh...

Anonymous's picture

Other: Maemo N900, sigh...

Maemo is in the list

Anonymous's picture

Maemo is in the list


Anonymous's picture


lol me 2!

Anonymous's picture

lol me 2!

I suppose I use a

I Hate Anonymous's picture

I suppose I use a Netbook.
Chinese ARM netbook, with X disabled (console ftw). 200bogoMIPS (not bad but horrid with X! 17 seconds to open xterm is horrible). I ssh to my server, and get stuff done there.

So basically, treat it like a VT100 dumb terminal, but with wifi and crypto :).

I can't recommend it, but it works ;). 7 hour battery life, ftw?

NOTE My A101 tablet also runs

stber321's picture

NOTE My A101 tablet also runs debian not just Android

galaxy tab

Anonymous's picture

The same with me.It rocks when you have a penguin(not just an egg) in your pocket.


Hans Micheelsen's picture

Symbian on N97

Various devices here

blackraider's picture

I have an Android device (Galaxy 2), a Maemo/Meego (N900) and a Samsung Q1 Ultra with Linux (Mint 9).
Anyone knows if LJ Digital takes into account the reflow of contents in mobile devices?


Mobile device

Dick Davies's picture

Small send and end phone. Looked at smartphones and except for maps, don't have a use.

Simple LG G520 with J2ME.

Pawel's picture

Simple LG G520 with J2ME. E-mail and OperaMini - that is all what I need on my mobile device.


Anonymous's picture

Openmoko with Debian.


saeed's picture

Symbian^3 | Nokia C6-01 |


Lara Basha's picture

I have Samsung Galaxy SII which work on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.
This device is awesome and superb new technology with 4.3" Screen display.

Cool Device.......

I have a Dell laptop, but

Anonymous's picture

I have a Dell laptop, but that only moves from my desk about once per fortnight. Thankfully I remain successful in avoiding having any kind of mobile phone.

Truthfully, my only real

double-t's picture

Truthfully, my only real mobile device is the Dell laptop -- which takes a bit of a beating from all the backpack travel.

My primary mobile device platform...

Anonymous's picture

is pencil and paper (quadrile graph paper, HB pencil)


Luca's picture


Smart phones.

salparadise's picture

Had an iPhone and then an HTC Hero - bored to tears in short order with both.
Bazillions of utterly useless apps and timewasting doodads.
Realised I needed none of them.

Sold them all and bought a cheap Nokia C1, and that only so the wife can phone me when she needs.

Mobile schmobile.

good choice! :)

horia's picture

good choice! :)


Pulketo's picture

Nokia N900 with Maemo

none unless you count Kindle

zohar1825's picture

No mobile devices unless you count kindle3s

My mobile device is still a

Anonymous's picture

My mobile device is still a Gateway Laptop with Linux mint 11, I guess I'm old fashioned I have a cell phone for calls only.


Anonymous's picture


I voted other -- the answer

Anonymous's picture

I voted other -- the answer is None.

Several! But the Android tablet is my favorite.

mwallette's picture

I always thought of myself as a bit of a Luddite for an IT guy, but after reading all the "none" responses here, maybe I'm not so much of a Luddite after all.

The company I work for bought me a Mac Book Pro and a Dell Mini-9 for evaluation purposes. I also have the old D820 that was my original laptop when I started here. However, most of the laptops are basically glorified desktop machines, since only the Mini-9 will fit in the saddle bags of my motorcycle...which lead me on a search for a truly portable mobile device.

I bought an HTC Hero (Android phone), but it was a little too slow, and the touchscreen was too small for typing anything longer than a text message. However, the portability and ability to go on-line "anywhere" (well...I live in Alaska, so not *quite* anywhere, but still pretty good) was a huge plus.

A little while later, I scored a Dell Streak 7, and it is just about perfect. Like the Hero, it runs Android and can be configured for WiFi and 3G wireless connections. The screen is almost as large as the netbook even though it's smaller and lighter overall. It's got an SD card reader built in, so I can copy photos off my digital camera and upload them to Picasa, Flickr or one of my blogs while traveling. Honestly, I can't imagine anything that fits my needs better than the Streak 7 does.

Need to add 'None' to the poll.

mhess's picture

I marked other because I have no mobile device. None, nothing, nadda. This isn't just your poll but I see it all over. People that have the devices don't even stop to think that there are a host of people that do not have a device. You need to make a selection in the poll for None. Hell I don't even have a cell phone. No cell coverage where I live so no need for a cell phone.

Mobile device of choice (?)

GeoffC's picture

HTC Windows 7 HD c/w Mango installed...Will choose an Android device as soon as my contract is complete.

Mobile device?

Anonymous's picture

None. I hope never to use one.

Mobile Device

grantk's picture

My primary mobile device is a Android phone, but the 4" or so screen is no replacement for a full page magazine. Any idea on how well the new layouts will look on a Kindle?

Brand new MacBook Pro

Jurgen Defurne's picture

Is my most mobile device. In fact, when I bought it, I dumped all my old computers and installed the one netbook I had as a server (<25W power).

No Cell no tablet

Darly's picture

Hello, I'm a Linux Journal subscriber. The decision to go all digital struck me hard, now I have to go buy a smartphone to keep reading it on the road. But anyways, it will go for better future and keep the good work. My answer is other, because I use the laptop


hmckee's picture


Don't have mobile access

JM's picture

I, um, don't have any sort of mobile device. I have a 'dumb' phone and a laptop with about 5 minutes of battery life that I use as a desktop (debian 6.0.2). Somewhere in my pile of old stuff I have a Newton Message Pad 120...


Anonymous's picture



Marcelo A.'s picture


My linux notebook is the

Anonymous's picture

My linux notebook is the mobile device.

mobile device platform

Anonymous's picture

Don't have a mobile device

Not your typical mobile platform...

Smartboy's picture

Mine is actually an LG "bridgephone" (has basic multitasking, but is not a smartphone in the truest sense) with a J2ME-based OS.


eMBee's picture

i got one when they first came out in 2007 with the "give one, get one" fundraising, the best mobile device i ever had. the handle alone is a serious advantage over any other portable device. and the screen that works in bright sunlight as well as the battery are unmatched (after more than 3 years now the battery still has 100% capacity, i have yet to see any other battery-model that is that good). sadly the newer models are only available to developers.

oh, i have an android phone too, but i am not really using it as a mobile platform, i use it as a mobile network device to tether to the XO which i then use to read email...

greetings, eMBee.

My "other" platform is none.

Anonymous's picture

My "other" platform is none.


Anonymous's picture


Nokia E-71. I also carry a

Anonymous's picture

Nokia E-71. I also carry a BeBook, but it has no network connectivity.

Don't use mobile (3G or 4G) devices

Anonymous's picture

I've got a Netbook that I installed a 1TB H/D in to support my Digital Photography, but don't own any cellular data connected devices (sole wireless device is a pre-paid voice only cellphone, only turned on and used for emergencies).

Nokia 6010

Anonymous's picture

Nokia 6010

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