What is your favorite open source CMS?


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MODx all the way

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MODx all the way


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Processwire obviously. It's like ModX done right. Lighter, clearer, easier.

I love MODx

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my short opinions:

- Joomla is easy and a big CMS
but the editions and upgrades not easy and confuse

- WordPress is a BLOG and super-easy to handle
upgrades are easy

- MODx is the best CMF!
but is not easy to handle without html/css/php knowledge


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im agree with that agument,
joomla is a big cms and easy to handle but when its upgrade not easy and confusing to customize


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Textpattern rules. It just works and is highly customizable.

Joomla Forever

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Joomla is the largest today, seeking simplicity people switch to wordpress...

Actually, WordPress is by far

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Actually, WordPress is by far the largest marketshare. Joomla is a distant second.



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Do you need any comment?

Wordpress Wins

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Wordpress Wins

MODX Without A Doubt

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The BEST, in my opinion. Fully customized web development without knowing ANY PHP. Scalable from tiny to massive sites. Multiple solutions for every problem - all of them easy to implement. Work is actually FUN with MODX :P Too many reasons to list, really. Add yours here: http://thecreativeflow.posterous.com/top-3-things-that-set-modx-cms-apart

MODX of course

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Flexibility, scalability and modifying the core without breaking upgrade paths.

Oh, and a template system that's a designers' dream.


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Nuxeo (open source,

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Nuxeo (open source, Java-based enterprise content management platform).

This poll brought to you by

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This poll brought to you by drupal.