What is your favorite open source CMS?


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why look anywhere else. No markup being messed up, total control, lightweight, Supportive community and easy upgrading. I have used the others and textpattern is my favorite by far.


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I love Textpattern, and so do my clients.

Textpattern and Processwire

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TXP and Processwire are my personal favorites, though I do use StaceyCMS on a few sites.

I've stopped supporting Wordpress and only recommend the big-name CMS software to companies that meet certain criteria in terms of budget and computer savvy. There's a huge maintenance time hit with heavier CMS software so you'd better really enjoy working with it...

(Not a robot from the Textpattern community)

TextPattern CMS

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TextPattern for sure...


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I'm surprised eZPublish wasn't on the list.

Hehe, seems like couple of

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Hehe, seems like couple of Textpattern fans are trying to hijack all the comments here :)

The poll results speak for themselves: WordPress FTW!


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lightweight, lightning fast, uber flexible.

WordPress runs 10% of sites

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WordPress runs 10% of sites on the internet and far more than half of developers using it are building full websites. Of course it's a CMS, and I'd imagine by far the most used.

In case of disbelief:

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In case of disbelief: http://wordpress.org/showcase/


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I have tried most of the others but came always back to the one and only textpattern CMS

I love it, and my clients do so too

Freedom of choice

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You obviously forgot to add Textpattern, my first choice when running smaller sites.

And, for really large sites I love relying on Django CMS or a pure Django installation.


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Textpattern FTW


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I used textpattern on 50 sites of all sizes, from small blogs to high-traffic portals.

It's a very stable CMS, tag-based, almost limitlessly expandable. Backend can be tailored to customer's ergonomical needs and experience level. Great user base. Dead easy plugin integration. Got me to write my own, whenever i don't find, what's needed (which is unlikely anyhow, the existing plugin pool is huge.)
Updates are as easy as can get. Dev team keeps code clean, small, fast and secure.

Drawback: Default themes for front and back end look dated.
But hey, that's "just" design...

Powered by TXP

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All my personal websites are powered by Textpattern.

I use Wordpress in some projects too but it's just too much when compared to Txp. :/

Can be Wordpress considered a

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Can be Wordpress considered a CMS...??? :S

WordPress as a CMS

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I started with Drupal because I loved CCK and Views, but now I use WordPress almost exclusively for small business websites. I think that WordPress is really getting very cool in how different content types can be created and displayed on a site. It's not quite as built-in as Drupal, but I can emulate some aspects of what Drupal can do in WordPress to a certain extent. I think that people who claim that "WordPress is not a CMS" simply don't realize what is possible with it. It's not just for pages and posts. That being said, there are some situations, especially sites with more complex content requires, in which a CMS like Drupal are more appropriate.

My choise are Joomla, and WordPress

Brian Rønnow's picture

Joomla, and WordPress

I have only used two of the

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I have only used two of the listed options, Joomla and WordPress before I settled on Textpattern, which after an initial bit of head-scratching, clicked with me and I have been using now for the last number of years.


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Textpattern provides clean template system and is the best CMS for building fast and accurate sites.

For me it is Textpattern

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I have tried (also recently) to use Wordpress, eZ Publish, joomla, and also Movable Type and OpenMelody, but I always come back to Textpattern. Sure, it ain't the right choice for a corporate/enterprise class portal site, but for most small business and certainly all personal websites it is great.

Yes, there are very powerful other CMS out there, but it is just soo simple in TXP to modify templates using the txp tags. And we all know you definitely have to modify templates sooner or later, if with that premium theme you bought for 39 USD.


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For: Doesn't mess with the markup. Easy to configure. Light weight. With a lil css and a plugin or three, the backend can be modded to my clients requirements.

Against: Custom Content Types. You can kinda almost get there with a couple of plugins, but one is 'donation' supported and the other is tied to section taxonomy with makes what you achieve less flexible. Oh, and the default themes (front & admin) are rubbish (luckily there are free alternatives, though I roll my own.)


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Especially liking it's "empty canvas" approach. Instead of it doing everything out of the box, it lets you do your own thing. No widgets, no hard-coded markup, no overcomplicated preference windows. Just XML-like tags and easily plugin extendable core.

Textpattern CMS

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Slim, flexible, robust, friendly and helpful community

Attention: If the CMS you're

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Attention: If the CMS you're voting for is listed as a poll option, you DO NOT need to comment too. And LJ Staff will NOT be counting your comments as additional votes. Clear the air, let the real Other people do the commenting. Thanks.


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Textpattern: the designers' choice


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Another vote for Textpattern here. Have used it for years. It's lightweight, flexible and the support on the forum by both the Testpattern developers and plugin authors is fantastic. It just does what you need it to do and doesn't get in the way!


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eZPublish rocks my world!

Best wishes,


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+1 for Textpattern as my CMS of choice.

eZ Publish

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eZ Publish


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Textpattern ftw

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Textpattern ftw


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Un CMS à découvrir absolument : facile et puissant

French CMS easy for users and developpers

TextPattern !

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no matter what I try I always return to TextPattern

Textpattern (not TextPattern)

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That's good news, but you should start spelling it correctly. :)

Voted Other

Robin Muilwijk's picture

My favorite CMS is eZ Publish!


Richard Soeteman's picture

Umbraco is an awesome CMS, complete control over your markup and very easy to extend also.

Sitebox Content management System

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Content Editing: Very intuitive to allow easy entry and formatting of content without any knowledge of HTML or other web programming. Simply navigate to the page and edit the information.

Content Archiving and Rollback: Store previous versions of content and maintain editing history. Quickly view or rollback to previous versions of content items.

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Read more: http://sitebox.com


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My favourite open source CMS is Umbraco. It has a simple UI, which makes it easy for content editors to create new content and as a developer you got 100% control of the HTML output that is rendered. It's very flexible and it can easily be integrated with 3rd party services.


Textpattern is my favourite

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Textpattern is great. Easy to use and powerful. I've tried a lot of different CMS:es and Textpattern is by far the most user friendly and feature rich system i've come across. It's easy to install, develop, customize and content is actually easy to add and manage for the end user.

Textpattern tags gives you maximum functionality with a minimum of code. If there is a feature you're missing in the core you most likely will find it among the various plug ins that are developed by the Textpattern community.


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Textpattern is light, fast, secure, powerful, and, once you've divined its mysteries, a real pleasure to use. It also has great support in its user forum and one of the best books ever written on a computer app, Textpattern Solutions. Txp gives you the power of raw PHP without your needing to write it -- though you can if you choose to.

You may need an eighteen-wheeler like Drupal for some sites, but I'll take a sportscar like Textpattern any day.

What is your favorite open source CMS?

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Other! Textpattern, hands down.


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I tried Wordpress, Serendipity, Drupal, Joomla, and last but not least: MODx. But Textpattern is my first choice. It is just lovely. And the community is a helpful.


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It's lightweight, powerful and dead simple to use. The community is awesome!


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Secure, fast, versatile, and incredibly flexible with tags in tags + custom fields + variables. A designer's dream!


Michael Pate's picture

Because being a content management system is what it excels at.


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Textpattern :)


Rick Silletti's picture


Texpattern rocks

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Flexible, robust and elegant

--- T E X T P A T T E R N ---

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Textpattern is my CMS

Markus Merz | Hamburg St. Georg's picture

I'll throw my hat for the out of the box performant Textpattern CMS (!)
ModX is the fresh one to look at if you need additional page management.