What is your favorite open source CMS?


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Arild H's picture

My favorite is CMS Made Simple.


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Wordpress is good

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ez publish

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We use eZ Publish for all our major clients.

Chose Other

Rishi Saravanan's picture

ocPortal is robust, very responsive help on the forums, has everything I need, and builds/maintains all of the plugins, which means everything is well integrated and you don't have any third-party issues.

I voted Other, for

Garrett W.'s picture

I voted Other, for SilverStripe, not because it's necessarily my favorite but because (1) it wasn't in the list and (2) it is a solid piece of software deserving of some respect. :)

Stackbox CMS

Vance Lucas's picture

For those looking for an "on-page" in-context type CMS, Stackbox CMS is a great solution. It is far better and easier to use than anything else listed in the poll.

on-page or frontend editing.. also possible in MODx

Bart Nelis's picture

In context / front-end editing is possible with MODx Evolution (v1.x) ... and if i'm correct; it's also possible in MODx Revolution (v2.x)

Wow that is pretty useful,

JoeJ's picture

Wow that is pretty useful, thanks! *clicks Download Stackbox*

Anglo-Indian Portal

ElTel's picture

For me there is only one CMS (I repeat, CMS) that is worthy of consideration.

And that is ocPortal (I repeat, ocPortal)

Go on a voyage of discovery. I promise you won't look any further.

eZ Publish

Domenico Garozzo's picture

I think that the best and power open source cms is eZ Publish.

eZ Publish, Enterprise OpenSource Content Management

Nicolas Pastorino's picture

I am really surprised that eZ Publish is not on this list. It is a powerful Content Management System/Platform, distributed in two flavors : Community version (http://share.ez.no), with a high pace & volume of innovation, and Enterprise Edition (http://ez.no), through a subscription, for critical business.

Open standards at heart, Reliability at all levels, Adaptable through a well-documented framework API, eZ Publish is used by major online media players, amongst others.

Or maybe enough people have

Math's picture

Or maybe enough people have suffered with eZ Publish and learnt the lesson the hard way, no matter the amount of marketing kool-aid they're spoon-fed... ;-)

eZ Publish: IT'S A TRAP!

Textpattern CMS

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Textpattern CMS is simple, flexible, free and well supported. I'm surprised it is not on your list as it allows designers all the freedom they need to mould it into any shape they want. HTML and CSS knowledge are required for full flexibility but not PHP unless you want to write plugins.

eZ Publish

Andre Bottin's picture

Powerful, adaptable and scalable CMS. Provide a basis for most business requirements large or small.

A really working and innovating one

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I used Magnolia ECM (CMS+DMS) for two years. This is a java open source project with a JCR repository. I like it because it's really ergonomic including all concepts of ergonomy and really user friendly. It's really innovating but they trying to keep it simple, that's why it only does what it aims for, in opposition to some others that do every thing but not so well. this CMS is not so famous but should be. Just try it and enjoy.


Nilpointer's picture

...i like it. MVC, Simple, Clean, Developer-Orientated


This page we are voting at and commenting with is Drupal!

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Wondering what this page is made of? Drupal! Drupal is not easy to configure unlike wordpress.

WordPress is the best.

Fisayo's picture

WordPress is the best.

Choosing a CMS depends on what you expect

Nicolas Durand's picture

I think a CMS should be chosen according to needs. For example, the CMS Ametys manage a large number of contributors while remaining easy to use unlike well known CMS which are less efficient in this area.

and since when Wordpress is a CMS????

Simone Orsi's picture

IMHO WP should not be listed at all here.

Anyway: Plone 4ever!

And why not?

Daves's picture

It is a CMS, just configured out of the box to be a blog (a dozen lines registering the various content types and taxonomy). Doesn't mean you can't remove the blog aspects (by filtering out the aforementioned lines) and re-configure it to be a more 'normal' CMS.

I, and the rest of the company, make a great living creating WordPress sites, and only 40% (roughly) use the blog aspects.

I like both Drupal and Plone

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Drupal is easier to install on a server, however Plone is much cleaner and more organized.


Lakeside Technologies's picture

Wordpress rocks. Simply the best.

wordpres wordpres wordpres

Lakeside Technologies's picture

Wordpress rocks. Simple the best.

Voted other: e107

Anonymous's picture

Voted other: e107

I live on WordPress

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WordPress is the way of my earnings. So I should vote WordPress

Tough call

Aaron Paxson's picture

I've used Wordpress, Plone, and Liferay extensively. It was really a tough call. Wordpress is out. While it's a very easy CMS, it is not very powerful (i.e. no workflow, etc). I choose Liferay from Plone, just because I prefer Java over Python, even though Plone has a more larger community and "plugins".

Wordpress is great

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I see wordpress is great, I have a site using wordpress at http://goiyeu.net

Whoever keeps posting

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Whoever keeps posting "textpattern", it is very obvious that either you or your team is commenting repeatedly. Don't spam and make yourself look like a douche.

stop faking

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stop faking is a perfect user-name for someone who has not the guts to use his real user-name, or is somebody just faking his user-name?

I for myself am using the nick I use for years online, and yes I'm a real person with the same name as stated in my nick.

BTW I voted for "other (please tell us which one in comments)" and only did what I was told. I use textpattern on nearly all of my projects and only use the "others" on clients request.

Scanning through the comments stating textpattern as their favourite CMS, I recognize a lot of ppl from the friendly textpattern forum. Maybe there are some fakes in-between, but I bet the same goes for wordpress joomla and co


Philipp Schilling's picture

Is following a link from the Textpattern group at facebook to this poll and posting my personal opinion spamming to you? Sorry that someone forgot to add my favorite CMS to the list so that I have to mention it in the comments.

Seems like you just can’t imagine that there’s something else besides Wordpress, drupal and Joomla that some people love to use on real projects. Did anyone question the 456 votes on Typo3 so far? No. Even though I personally know nobody who really likes this system.

Did you consider the fact

Laci's picture

Did you consider the fact that some CMS'es are particularly strong in some countries like TYPO3 is in Germany or the nordic countries. If you don't know anyone who likes it, it doesn't mean that its not popular.

I am real, are you?

Stephan H.'s picture

So do you suggest I better ignore the original poll comment that said I should post my choice if I picked "other" from the votes although I am a real person and really enjoy Textpattern?
I know that spamming of polls is very annoying but I don't see why I should not get the right to post my opinion if it is asked for? At least I do not hide behind some sort of pseudonym...


Andy Eveland's picture

A couple of these I haven't used but most of them I have. I really like using Wordpress with Pods. I liked Fireriff but that one seems to have been abandoned.

Thats my opinion, Andy


Manuel Saelices's picture

Merengue is a new cool CMS based on Django

Wordpress "the king"

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The best in my opinion is Wordpress, easy, fully customisable, great support, tons of free themes and plugins, amazing premium themes.

Thanks to all the WP community


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I have used Mura several times and it has some great features: http://www.getmura.com

best open source CMS

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I think Prestashop will surprise you. It's able to be used in generic CMS as well as the ecommerce platform

I love Prestashop too but

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I love PrestaShop too and I think it's the best open source Ecommerce ever, but speaking about CMS the "king" in my opinion is Wordpress.

I use textpattern - simple,

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I use textpattern - simple, fast and flexible. Need more functions - write a PHP-plugin and share with the community.

No Concrete5?

Jorge C.'s picture

I personally like Concrete5. If you think Wordpress's UI is great, try Concrete5's. It's 10 times better, plus it's developer- and designer- friendly. It's younger than Drupal and Wordpress, but give it a few years. The adoption rate is already growing at a rapid pace.


Pieman's picture

Textpattern's templating system = design freedom. The community is very supportive. It's stable and secure.

Take a closer look


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My favorite: Contao

I voted for Drupal, but I

Raymond's picture

I voted for Drupal, but I love WordPress also. Which CMS to choose depends on what you want to accomplish.

Drupal is amazing when you need to create a complex website or application.

WordPress is amazing for non-tech users and is great for simple websites.

Both are my first choices because of the amazing communities.

This site is running on drupal!

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This site is running on drupal! so for sure Drupal :)

Drupal and Drupal community kicks ass!

Me cambio a Wordpress

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Wordpress es Mucho más que una plataforma para blogs, me gusta más su dinamismo, en Wordpress no pasan cosas "raras" como en joomla, donde es complicado hacer actualizaciones mayores.

Fiddled around a little bit

room2web's picture

Fiddled around a little bit with django CMS, have loved it ever since, never going back to TYPO3 :).

CMS Made Simple !

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But I'll take a look at Textpattern since it seems to be a good CMS regarding the comments!