What is your favorite Linux distribution for use on the desktop?

36% (5114 votes)
11% (1617 votes)
9% (1247 votes)
10% (1440 votes)
1% (88 votes)
2% (263 votes)
12% (1753 votes)
8% (1089 votes)
4% (508 votes)
other (please tell us which one in the comments below)
8% (1095 votes)
Total votes: 14214


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Currently using and enjoying Fuduntu! http://www.fuduntu.org/ It is a great looking distro with most of the comforts of Fedora and Ubuntu.


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It just comes along, being all nice and lean, having Debian flavour.

Best all-around : mandriva

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Mandriva is not one of the lighter distro because of the bunch of apps and desktops(gnome, kde, and some lightweight ones) that come with it, but your not forced to install everything :)
The free version is one of the most reactive and versatil distro, with good configuration tools, and is perfect for the one-size-fit-all segment. Could please computer neophytes as well as experienced power users and programmers.
Several commercial versions with non-free apps and professional support are avaiables, as well as a security enhanced distro.

The obvious direct contenders for Mandriva are ubuntu/kunbuntu, and considering the distros in this list... well... the absence of mandriva seem really strange.

USU Linux -

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USU Linux - http://learnfree.eu/


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Mint and Ubuntu should not be

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Mint and Ubuntu should not be listed independently. They're customized Debian.


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I tried Mandrake 7 many years ago but only had dialup so was stuck with windoze for many years. A mate suggested LinuxMint a few years ago which allowed me to finally dump all my microshite software so Kubuntu is my favourite distro - for now.

I'm Kubuntu user too. Both

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I'm Kubuntu user too. Both the workspace and the community is so different from Ubuntu that it most certainly is a distribution for itself.

Mepis, of course

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Former user of Slackware, RedHat, Mandrake and Kubuntu, I've found Simply Mepis being an ideal distribution. As stable as Debian, recognized all the hardware on the 6 or 7 machines where has been installed. Hard to understand how it is forgotten on most lists of preferred distros. Mepis it is not about hype, but reliability and usability.

Aptosid and Sabayon

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My favorites are Aptosid and Sabayon which are mentioned before. Both distro's are truly amazing in their balance between bleeding edge, stability and responsiveness.
Sometimes derivatives are better suited especially for desktops then there ancestors. Aptosid and Sabayon are!

SimplyMepis, for sure. It's

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SimplyMepis, for sure. It's a shame it's not on the list. Wonderful distribution.


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Slackware, because I'm one of those nuts that's fine with compiling programs from source.


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SalixOS (http://www.salixos.org) is a desktop customized Slackware lightweight distribution.
Even if I am an old fan of Slackware, for desktop use I install SalixOS. And you still can compile on your own packages as you were used to ;)

Mandriva :)

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Actually I was surprised that Mandriva was not on the list. I am aware that it's not the no.1 distro in the World, but it's surely in top 10, so I think it should have made to the list.

And for me, it was, it is, and probably will be the best distro.

slackware since about version

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slackware since about version 9.1. But its not perfect - its just that I am used to it.

Mandriva works well

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I have used Mandriva for a long time and it works very well.

Basically there is no

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Basically there is no difference between ubuntu and mint.All we need is bit of tweaking.
There is a huge population finding difficulty in running windows xp in relatively old hardware.To bring them into the fold of opensource,Distros like ubuntu or fedora are not helpful.
But Distros like xubuntu and lubuntu with great degree of configurability are excellent choices for this population.

Mandriva - what else ?

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I'm a Kde user

- Ubuntu and Fedora only compile KDE and they care more about GNOME
- Opensuse's always had problems on my PC
- Pardus does not have enough packages
- Arch, gentoo and others require too much work

So Try the upcoming awesome Mandriva 2011 here : ftp://fr2.rpmfind.net/linux/Mandrakelinux/devel/iso/2011/
Or visit my blog to see screenshots of it.

You will be surprised

Chakra Project

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Doesnt work

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Live CD hakra-2011.04-r1-x86_64.iso doesn't work for me. You need a user and a pw. If you are able to find the user your logged-out again within a few seconds.

This poll

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is rigged anyway. Why ask?

Favorite OS

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Ive been running Ubu 3D since Natty, but
in a recent effort to get an old P3 600M desk top running,
i played with Puppy, real lxde / openbox, black box, and
Lubuntu (lxde / openbox)
Ive settled in on Lubu as it has just about every thing needed
with out the eye candy / bloat.
It runs nicely on the old box.

Eg. I tried it on my newer machines,
an eeepc 900, and a dual core 2.2GHz.
OMFG it screams on the newer ones!

I commend Ubu for allowing the installation of alternate DEs
along side of the regular disty.
As the mood strikes, you can change your DE @ login.
The best of all worlds.

Couldnt do any thing like this with M$!
Viva FOSS!


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Kubuntu . Actually I discovered it running away from Unity ... and it has been a marvellous surprise.

The others

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I have run MEPIS for the most part of the last appox 7 years.

The Distro Hopper Stopper

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In fact you can hop and use all the DE's PCLinuxOS offers and at the same time enjoy the stability of the distro.

PCLOS Rocks!!


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Is there really any thing else out there that matters?
Texstar works with his users and gets the job done right!
If you have not yet tried it, you are cheating yourself...
Get PCLinuxOS and enjoy life instead of fighting it.


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Amen, brother! The rolling release is the way to go for updates. I personally use a weekly schedule for updating, so one does not have to be continually updating to stay current. Just keep to a regular schedule for updates. I've been a PCLOS user since 2009.1 -- a wonderful release. Once KDE 4 got past 4.2, the KDE desktop has been very stable. Even so, PCLOS offers six desktop ISOs from their website (KDE, Gnome 2, XFCE, LXDE, E17, and OpenBox), plus an independent remaster for the WindowMaker desktop. What other distro offers such a wide range of choices for users "out of the box"?


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Mandriva is really good

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For me Mandriva 2011, now in beta3, but un some weeks the final release. for now have many improvements and is really good just in beta.

# !

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# !

Arch Linux

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Arch Linux


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I still vote Mandriva


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As a newbie my needs are a bit different from those more experienced with Linux. My search led me to try dozens of distros, but in the end I settled on PCLinuxOS KDE. It has so much going for it. Hardware detection is superior, the best I've found. With the rolling release I don't have to play the ridiculous game of installing a new distribution every six months if I want updated software. PCLinuxOS has in Texstar one of the hardest working and most interactive lead developers. Simply A-1! The forum is an incredibly close-knit and knowledgeable community that doesn't treat newbies like lepers. PCLinuxOS also has a very well done and informative monthly magazine. No other distribution I've seen brings this much to the table.


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Sabayon, as it's an easier way to install a distribution based on Gentoo than having to build Gentoo from scratch. Also, Sabayon is aesthetically pleasing (well, at least the KDE and GNOME editions are). On my main laptop I uninstall the binary package manager Entropy and just use Portage (the Gentoo source package manager, which I really like for its fine-grained control and flexibility). I do use Entropy on a couple of other machines on which I have Sabayon installed, although even on those I use Portage to install a few packages that are not in the Entropy repositories, or that need to be built differently to the Entropy binaries.

I recommend PCLinuxOS or Ubuntu over Sabayon to newcomers to Linux because: a) to date those two have worked better 'out of the box' than Sabayon does on the machines of people to whom I recommended Sabayon; b) their GUIs for configuration, such as the PCLinuxOS Control Center, are much easier for beginners.

However, for someone who likes to tinker or is more technically minded, a Gentoo-based distribution such as Sabayon can be a good way to learn what makes Linux tick.


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Mandriva for shure.

Chakra linux FTW!

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Chakra linux FTW!

openSuse rules

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openSuse 11.4 really is an underrated distro,it should take the first place,it's really stable and flexible to,zypper has gotten a lot faster,and yast makes system administration so easy,to bad it's not so hyped like ubuntu,because this distro deserve the no. 1 spot!


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Use it on my desktop, mpd server, as a firewalled gateway and on my netbook. No two installations are the same. Each is fully customized from a bare minimum command line interface to a full fledge desktop and everything in between.

IMHO as close as you can get to Linux From Scratch without the extremely challenging build process.


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for my, is MANDRIVA

Best Linux?

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Sent from an HP Mini with Bodhi. Well it's a repackaged Ubuntu, but I'm a fan...



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Ditch the brown frown and enjoy a real distro-- PCLinuxOS!

Tambin existe el sur

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Para dar a conocer algo diferente "tuquito 4.1 wichi" probar no hace daño y es posible encontrar algunas sorpresas

The Best Distro 2011!

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Ubuntu/Kubuntu y las que deriven de él. Ya optimizado para trabajar, sin perder tiempo! Click and use. ;)


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Where's Mageia & Mandriva? What about Gentoo? The list is very short, for me right now is Mageia, and also I luv Mandriva too, I use both :)


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Slackware. The end.

I second that

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I second that


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Uniformity above all

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Having used Debian on servers for ages, Debian is the right choice for my desktops as well, simply because it's what I'm used to. I can do stuff much faster on Debian than on anything else.

Pardus, since 2007

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Pardus, since 2007