wget question

I will like to get a list of the files in the directory of an ftp site.
can I use wget to do it?

if yes, the how?

any other method that I can easily implement in bash script is welcome also.


You could also do this using

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You could also do this using perl's Net::FTP module:

use strict;
use warnings;
use Net::FTP;

#Change your.ftp-host.com to your ftp domain
my $ftp = Net::FTP->new("your.ftp-host.com", Debug => 0)
        or die "Can not connect: $@";
#Change UserName and PassWord to your login information
        or die "Can not log in: ", $ftp->message;
#If you want to list your root directory you can comment this out
#Or change public_html to where you want to get a file list

my @list = $ftp->ls($ftp->pwd);
my $listing = "list.txt";

open(LISTING, ">$listing");

foreach my $line (@list) {
        print LISTING $line . "\n";


Use "ftp"

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Use the ftp command. For example, to get the items in /pub/lj/listings from the LJ  ftp server:

ftp ftp://ftp.linuxjournal.com <<EOF
dir /pub/lj/listings filelist.tmp
sed -e 's/.* //' <filelist.tmp >filelist.txt

This will put the names into filelist.txt. Note that the sed command will produce incorrect results if any of the file names contain blanks. In that case you'll have to use a different method of extracting the file names from the raw results file (filelist.tmp).

Mitch Frazier is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal.