Web site design - awful

I've really tried to get used to the new Linux J. web design, but I just can't do it. It's way too busy, things are hard to find, too many columns, there is too much wasted space at the top (i.e., big banner stuff with very little information), etc. Sorry. I have to remove the bookmark. The LJ site is just too hard to use and not much fun anymore. Please let me know if you go back to the old design or something else, and I'll try it out.

Search could use improvement.

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Adding the date of an article would make the search feature a great deal better. Or let me sort the results by date, please.

The New Home Page Layout at LinuxJournal.com

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Navigation will take some getting used to on the new home page.

Could the red "more" link be added to the top of each subcategory for easier access?
Keep the one you have put at the end of each subcategory and add a second link at the top.


May be something else...

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Just made this post above.

Worked just fine and posted right away. No spam warning.

The Spam Filter seems to be stuck in the on position...

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Have tried to post a comment three times in the last two days. Each time greeted with the big green spam warning. The comment is never posted.

Here is the author and date: March 31st, 2008 by Glyn Moody

Trying to continue a flow of related articles.

Is the spam filter broken or is it something else?