Wanted: Passionate Geeks


If you love tinkering with your Linux machine, have ninja sysadmin skills, or are an avid user of open source software in general, and you love to share your knowledge with others, I'd really like to hear from you.

We're looking for a few more passionate techies to join our ranks as contributing LinuxJournal.com authors.  We're particularly interested in articles about System Administration, Linux on the desktop, high-performance computing, embedded Linux, web and mobile development, security, and virtualization.  If you have an interest in any of these areas, and useful knowledge to share, drop me a line.  We're always looking for great technical content as well as opinion pieces about the world of open-source software.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a LinuxJournal.com author, please send a brief bio with links to a few samples of your writing.  Please also include a brief summary of your areas of interest and/or specific topics you'd like to write about.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her chatting on the IRC channel or on Twitter.


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Telekom's picture

I really like the tern of open source. I am grateful that you give me some information about the technique and the solutions. Thank you so much.

I haven't done much writing yet, but sure I am passionate

Rajesh Krishnan's picture

I would like to start writing about Linux and various developer tools,and this might be a good opportunity for me.

I am a Linux LPI certified engineer and have some very small open-source contributions as well.

I have the following questions:

1. This is about content ownership. Once an author posts content on LJ, does it own that content, even if the author is not paid? Other questions are:

2. Does the author retain right to repost the articles on other sites, including his own?

3. Does the author free to specify the terms of copyright and license, e.g. Creative Commons or Apache Doc License?



I'd like to, but....

Mojo Geek's picture

I've been hip deep in Linux since I watched the original Slackware distro unveil with Linux version 0.9. Linux is really the only operating system I've used for years and I'm proficient in several distros. I've programmed all manors of computes using dozens of languages over a course of 30 years. I've taught computer classes. I've written technical manuals for the military and even a mystery novel. I've got literally years of old Linux Journal mags in my closet. Unfortunately I'm old and fat and lazy so in the long run I don't think I'd be much use to you. But thanks for thinking of me, and if you catch me on a good day, who knows?

No articles for bio...

TsueDesu's picture

I'd love to do this... I haven't made an effort to write any articles per say. I do do a lot of replying to blogs posts or articles.

Would it maybe be acceptable to create an article for submission as an example of what someone might write about? I'd also suggest a few guidelines that "we" as prospective writers can follow; for instances, opinion pieces are one thing, but they can be less than helpful or informative... but some ideas of the approach would help.

Personally, I'd like to write a few Desktop user howto's. I'm an avid OpenSuSe and KDE user, and I'm discovering the real power behind a rather complex piece of software - but also finding it difficult to find real resources for "users" in reaping the benefits of KDE. Yes it has eye candy, but once you learn how to use KDE in a productivity sense, it can make it that much more awesome.

Thank you for a great site and magazine... truly one of my must reads and must recommends.

I'd love to

chrisanthropic's picture

I've been working with my wife to self-publish her series of fantasy novels and the whole process has been done with linux/open source software. Once I gather my notes I'll forward a copy and see if I'm deemed worthy.

She's written the whole thing with Openoffice (and now libreoffice), we collaborate using google docs, I format the ebooks manually with kate and then create them with calibre. We use open source fonts and images and we post the stories to her website under a CC license (as well as to amazon, B&N, and smashwords).

Anyway, I've spend the last month or so learning basic css, html, and php to help create the ebooks and website and it's all thanks to linux and open source software that it's even been possible and I'd love to document the process and procedures for anyone else who's curious.

get me your line

vinhphuc121583's picture

I really like the tern of open source. I am grateful that you give me some information about the technique and the solutions. Thank you so much.

Any Linux advocates in the house?

Hugh Murphy's picture

How about Linux advocate or evangelist? Although, I probably fit the definition of a "Linux geek", usually being the goto person in my immediate, and extended family, for computer-related problems. Years ago, I thought I could enhance my skills if I knew something about Unix. Not having access to a Unix machine resulted in my considering its close relative, Linux. Not only that, I found the story of Linus Torvalds and the beginnings of Linux truly interesting.
I usually assemble from parts, one system every couple of years. Ubuntu is currently installed on two desktop machines, one Acer ZG5 netbook, one ten year old Sony Vaio laptop, and freeNAS on an Atom-powered server. My network is mixed wired/wireless with some windows machines attached also.
Yes, I can truly say I am glad I discovered and took the time to get acquainted with Linux.
Oh, one more thing, I also was lucky enough to receive one of Google's Cr-48 notebooks.

Power to the penguin!

author hunting

crlsgms's picture

surely ill post my bio to the webmistress! let us hope i can post some digressions :D

At large writers

AG's picture

I'd be happy to add content to an already great magazine. LJ has been my technical Linux source for over 10yrs.

I have a potential article

markh's picture

I have an article I have been wanting to write about :) I have been wanting to do a hylafax article for some time. I have been using hylafax at our office for about 2 years now and it is AWESOME.....300+ faxes per day :O trust me this is one program that will lower your blood pressure.

I just need time to write it with pics & instructions :D

I want to help

fermar84's picture

Hi, a month ago im reading this publication and i really like it. I have a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Networking. Currently i'am working at a telco company in the administration of a Linux cluster running CentOS. As a personal project i'm working on android platform for remote server administration using mobile devices and this is what i want to write about. Drop me an email.


JShuford's picture

I would love to help, but it seems that I don't know anything about anything :(... Sorry.

...I'm not just a "troll", but also a subscriber!

I'm passionate

David Lane's picture

Just overworked :)

So come on folks, help me out - that way I only have to write an article a quarter :)

David Lane, KG4GIY is a member of Linux Journal's Editorial Advisory Panel and the Control Op for Linux Journal's Virtual Ham Shack

This Sounds Really Great

metalx2000's picture

Sounds Great and will have to submit something. But, unfortunately my writing skills suck. I'll have to get my wife to help me :)

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