Do Your Best Jagger - Get a Free Poster

Here's how to get a VERY cool poster. FREE! Listen up. :)

Here's that awesome poster:
May the Source be With You

Disclaimer: This video was filmed in the midst of our post-hurricane stir craziness. Most of us are still lacking electricity and/or water so we find ourselves filling our time errr, more creatively. If you've not yet seen the original "Do your best Jagger" video, make sure to check it out (PG-13). Thanks for playing with us.

Ahhhh, readers, we love ya. Here are some video responses (thanks guys, posters soon on the way).

jagger.gif20.96 KB


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my best jagger for sure

ari's picture

hope you like it :)

My best jagger for sure

ari hall's picture

click on my name for video

Do my best Jagger?

Owen JH's picture

Would breaking my hip count?

I don't have a compatible webcam at the moment, maybe I'll have a friend shoot it for me :)

- Owen (

Kids Doing Jagger

Tux 's picture

Thought my homepage link was going to show in the last comment :)

that is the place.

Kids Doing Jagger

Tux's picture

If they like Tux I sell very nice plush versions :)