Want a free 1-year digital subscription to Linux Journal? -- CONTEST NOW OVER

Sorry, this contest is now over

Want a free 1-year digital subscription to Linux Journal? Here's how -- it's easy:

Watch LinuxJournal.com's daily Tech Tip videos this week (March 9 - 13, 2009) and collect the secret letters host Shawn Powers or Mitch Frazier announces during the videos each day. Come Friday unscramble the letters to reveal the secret word(s). Everyone with the correct answer who responds by 11:59:59PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time March, Friday the 13th of 2009 wins a free digital subscription to Linux Journal -- it's that easy!

The first video can be found here:

and subsequent videos this week can be found on the front page of LinuxJournal.com or directly here:

or we have a dedicated feed for the videos so you can simply add the following to your RSS reader of choice:

Submit your answer to our contest form by 11:59:59PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time March, Friday the 13th of 2009.

Good luck and happy Linux Journal-ing!


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you all are waftm

Anonymous's picture

you all are waftm


Adrian GURIA's picture

I sent the correct answer way before the closing of contest but I didn't receive any feedback from LJ. Just because I am from Romania I am not permitted to benefit of free subscription?

No reply to correct answer

Anonymous's picture

Same problem here, i have send in the right answer on time but still no response from LJ. Even not on a email i have send them. I also don't live in the US but in the Netherlands.


os's picture

I spent over 2 hours unscrambling the letters . Easy !!

No letters on Friday?

Anonymous's picture

So there are no letters on Friday? Did I miss something?

No letters today

Carlie Fairchild's picture

No letters in today's video. Friday's video only tells you how to and where to submit your unscrambled letters from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday videos.

Best of luck!

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

too difficult!

Barton L. Phillips's picture

I already subscribe to the magazine which only makes me send money once a year. I'm too old and my time is too precious to play games all week. I like Linux Journal a lot (that's why I subscribe to the mag.) but I don't watch the videos very much -- I would rather have the information in writing. Thanks anyway.


Carlie Fairchild's picture

For those of you who prefer to follow GMT vs. the U.S.'s often confusing "daylight vs. standard" time, the contest ends at 03:59:59 GMT March 14, 2009.

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

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