Virtualization Growth

Hi All,

What can we image with Virtualization, in current situation?

Does SOHO and SMB industry will get benefits from this technology, or still they need to go for new hardware and support.

As per current situation there is high growth in GNU/Linux [Ubuntu Desksop adopation] O.S. and they are also supporting Virtualization, but with that does end user get its benefits? It not then the main use of Virtualization is in Data center or in Enterprize level.

Can we come out with some good and easy Virtualization solution?
What are the different options available for SOHO,SMB and Desktop user?

Thanks & Regards,
Arjun from India.

GNU / Linux is best operating system in this world's picture

Definately ,
virtulization is great for almost everybody who wants to optimize computing power. In modern world with latest computers with great processing power virtulization is dam easy to deploy.
I belive everybody should take benifit from it.