VAIO CR353 --RHEL installation

while installing the RHEL 5 on my laptop (Vaio VGN-CR353), the graphics mode does not work and the installation takes place only in text mode with the error message "Failed to start the X server". as per i figured it out it was a problem related with the graphics card-ATI Mobility Radeon X2300. I downloaded some driver i got on the web but couldn't figure out a way of installing the same. as i couldn't mount it on my system by any means. pen drive, cd nothing gets mounted. what can i do?
does my laptop not support linux at all??

I am facing the same issue

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I am facing the same issue with open SUSE on my CR353.
Can someone suggest a graphics driver for the same?

You can also try doing

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You can also try doing:

system-config-display --reconfig

from the command line, and that'll try to re-initialise your X system and allow you to configure the graphics driver, monitor, res, colour depth, etc. from scratch.

Of course, sdousley's method is the correct way to fix the problem; I use virtualbox to run RHEL, and you learn more about the X system if you go down that route,...