UC Berkeley Extension Offers Open Source Fundamentals Course

UC Berkeley Extension will start offering a course (1 credit) titled "Open Source Fundamentals and Strategies". LJ contributing editor Ibrahim Haddad developed the course for UCB and will be teaching it.

Course Description:

The course provides an overview of open-source software and its characteristics in comparison to proprietary software and freeware, and presents an in-depth discussion on the open-source development model, the Open Source community and open-source licenses. Furthermore, the course focuses on strategies for using open-source software and strategies for contributing open-source software. The course examines the benefits and risks for the different approaches and guides you through the process that takes place when developing your open-source software strategy.



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I wish more schools had a

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I wish more schools had a course like this!

Free Software

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I certainly hope that at least a little time is found to mention free (libre) software and to point out that there are those who consider freedom more important than any "development model." And I would hope people who hold those view are presented fairly and not simply as "nut cases."

(Hmmm. I wonder what raised the suspicions of LJ's spam filter that this post might be spam? It would be so ironic if it was the fact that I used the word "free.")

I wish more schools had a

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I wish more schools had a course like this!

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