Ubuntu Kylin, a Linux Distribution with a Microsoft Windows Experience

File Manager

Ubuntu Kylin 17.04's Peony file manager, similar to Windows Explorer, displays the hierarchical structure of files, folders, disk partitions and network neighborhood on the computer. Using Peony, you can copy, move, rename and search files and folders. For example, you can open a folder that contains a file you want to copy or move, and then drag the file to another folder. You can open a file automatically by double clicking it.

Figure 4 shows how easy it is to find things in the Desktop, Trash and Recent folders. From the personal home directory, you can view and work with files and folders to store documents, graphics, music, videos, downloads or other files you want to access quickly. You also can view "Network", which lists other computers that are connected to your local area network.

Figure 4. File Manager

System Management

Ubuntu Kylin provides multiple tools for system management, such as the Control Center and Youker Assistant.

Just like the Control Panel in Windows, Ubuntu Kylin's Control Center allows users to view and configure hardware and software. You can set time and date, add and remove user accounts, customize personal options and so on. Hardware, such as network, keyboard, mouse, printer, sound card, monitor and power, also can be configured via the management tool.

Figure 5. Control Center

Youker Assistant is a powerful system management and configuration tool developed for Linux users. It can show system information, clean up system garbage and beautify system customization. It makes your desktop more streamlined, user-friendly and enriched with personality.

Figure 6. Youker Assistant

Chinese Style

For Chinese users, Ubuntu Kylin integrates a lot of software with Chinese characteristics. These areas cover system management, daily life, internet leisure and other aspects. Thus, you can use it for work and entertainment.

The Sogou Input Method, which is co-developed by the Ubuntu Kylin team and Sogou Corp., is used to input Chinese characters. It's based on the Fcitx framework and supports the same user experience as with its Windows version.

Figure 7. Sogou Input Method

Besides Youker Assistant, a series of Youker tools also has been supplied for Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 users. Youker Weather broadcasts weather information provided by the China Meteorological Administration. The Youker Chinese Calendar provides an easy method for querying traditional holidays, solar terms of the Chinese calendar and the Gregorian calendar.

WeChat and QQ, two famous social-media apps in China, also are available in Ubuntu Kylin. They provide text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video conferencing, video games, sharing of photographs and videos, and GPS location sharing.

In addition, Ubuntu Kylin can be used to achieve Baidu maps, Taobao shopping, bank payments, ticket inquiries and purchases, and more, through the Firefox or Chromium browsers.


Ubuntu Kylin is an official Ubuntu flavor with a featured desktop environment and applications. It resembles Microsoft Windows with UKUI, WPS suite, Youker Assitant and more, and it's especially suitable for users familiar with Microsoft Windows.


Ubuntu Kylin Team