ubuntu firewall and av


i am new to ubuntu and would like to know about security programs in general.
in windows, a firewall and a real-time residential antivirus is recommended. is this also the case in ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron? we already have firestarter as a firewall and clamav as an antivirus, but don't know how to verify if they are serving their function.
can other av's be installed and ran as on-demand scanners without conflict? how is this done? newbie-newbies here.

some info on security in Linux

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In your Ubuntu machine go to System->Administration->Firestarter.
You can configure the firewall as per your requirements.

Although an anti-virus is not recommended on Linux :)
Yes, other av's can be installed and run as on-demand scanners without conflict.
Check out this link for more info on antiviruses in Linux

Sangeeth Keeriyadath