Tor Security for Android and Desktop Linux

Search for "tor" and find Orbot and Orfox in the list (alphabetically). Note that "Orweb" is discouraged and deprecated due to security concerns. Select Orbot.

Below is the Orbot detail screen. Install it.

Below is the Orfox detail screen. Install it.

Launch Orbot. Click the second icon from the top right (the bars with dots).

If you have rooted your device, select the option to request root access.

Grant the access if you are able.

Enable the transparent proxy and run everything through Tor. It might be necessary to back out and re-enter the settings.

Use a country code to limit your Tor exit nodes. Do the same for your entrance (guard) nodes if you wish.

Note there is also a menu to select specific apps to run through Tor. Streaming services or other high-bandwidth applications will slow down Tor for everyone—exclude them if you can, and they are not a privacy concern.

Return to the main control and long-press the center button to activate Tor.

Once Tor is active, run the browser check. Note that you have loaded a new browser and likely will be presented with a dialog of available browsers. If you don't select Orfox, you will connect with a fingerprint/JavaScript warning ("does not appear to be the Tor browser").


Charles Fisher has an electrical engineering degree from the University of Iowa and works as a systems and database administrator for a Fortune 500 mining and manufacturing corporation.