Top Stories of 2011

As the year comes to a close, it is time for year-end reflections. In our case that means sharing the most popular articles of 2011. The following were viewed the most, and in some case created a lot of discussion as well.

1. Readers' Choice Awards 2011

2. Adding More Awesome to Your Office by Shawn Powers

3. Python for Android by Paul Barry

4. Review: Recompute Cardboard PC by Shawn Powers

5. Tiny Core Linux by Joey Bernard

6. The Geek's Guide to the Coolest Holiday Gifts

7. Hacking, Old-School

8. QEMU vs. VirtualBox

9. Fun with ethtool by Jayson Broughton

10. Ubuntu 11.04, Unity Released to Mixed Reactions by Susan Linton

Hacking to virtualization, Python to Unity and everything in between are represented, so please enjoy catching up on any of our top stories you may have missed. We look forward to bringing you more in the new year!

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Top Ten terminal commands of 2011

kevin s's picture

I wrote this one-liner so I could have my very own top ten list.

history | awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head -10 | awk 'BEGIN {print "Num. \t Command \t times"}{print NR "\t" $2 "\t\t" $1}'

here's mine (sorry for the formatting if its messed up)

Num. Command times
1 for 190
2 echo 174
3 ls 153
4 cd 129
5 history 103
6 grep 33
7 cat 27
8 exit 18
9 find 16
10 awk 12

TOP XXX in 201X

John S.J's picture

In the end of Dec every year, the internet and news paper will appear lots of "TOP XXX in 201X". :)

Also the content I think the Python will the first, as lt affect many people's life.