Top 10 Linux Distributions of 2008

According to Distrowatch's hits-per-day ranking system, the top 10 Linux distributions of 2008 thus far are:

1. Ubuntu
2. Mint
3. openSUSE
4. PCLinuxOS
5. Fedora
6. Mandriva
7. Debian
8. Dreamlinux
9. Sabayon
10. Damn Small

I'm more of an underdog fan myself so here's a list of the bottom 10 (of 100 featured in total):

100. DeLi
99. SaxenOS
98. Ark
96. IPCop
95. Linux From Scratch
94. Pentoo
93. Ultima
92. GeeXboX
91. Gentoox


Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.


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'Damn Small' links to freebsd

tarbrush's picture

uh, Damnsmall links to freebsd... afaik damn small linux has zero to do with freebsd

whats with damn small anyway? puppy linux 3 is the best minimal linux dist hands down, using it now.. full slackware 12 compatible 100 megs big, what more could you want?

you can get it here

Debian is the best !

Caraibes's picture

I just wanted to say that Debian is the very best out there !

I use Testing on some boxes, and Stable on others ! Wonderful !!!

As of live-cd's, I always have DSL, Puppy, Ubuntu & Mandriva with me, plus the fantastic "SuperGrubDisk+Gparted+SystemRescueCD" !!!

Damn Small is Damn Cool

lapubell's picture

I love damn small. I used to use it a ton at my old job, they had a bunch of trashy old toughbooks and it worked great. I tried puppy back in 2.something and it wasn't as nice as I had hoped. I think it's cause I'm used to Debian based systems and can get pretty comfortable behind any debian system, after playing for a bit. Never tried 3 though so I can't compare the two.

oops -- fixed

carlie's picture

Sorry about that. Link fixed.