Texas Linux Fest is This Week - Win a Free Pass



Congratulations to our winners: Marc R., Elizabeth S., Patrick D., Trey D., and Steve A.

Texas Linux Fest begins this Friday, August 3rd, and there's still plenty of time to register. Or, you can enter to win one of five free passes. You have until 3pm tomorrow, July 31 to enter, so hurry!  We'll post the winners tomorrow afternoon, so you'll still have time to register if you don't win.

We hope you'll join us in San Antonio, and drop by the Linux Journal table on Saturday. This is shaping up to be a fun event! 

From the official schedule announcement:


With the 32 sessions now set and the exhibitors ready to go, the schedule for Texas Linux Fest 2012 has been finalized, and it highlights a wide variety of speakers and topics -- as well as a wide range of exhibitors -- for the San Antonio event Aug. 3-4 at the Norris Conference Center.


A full schedule can be found at http://2012.texaslinuxfest.org/program and registration, lodging discounts and other pertinent information can be found at the bottom of this e-mail.


Friday’s schedule includes a Chef 101 session, where Opscode instructors will present free training followed by an afternoon hackathon. Zenoss also will be holding a session on providing the who, what, where and how of the Zenoss Open Source monitoring solution. The BSD Certification Group will offer the BSDA certification exam on Friday afternoon to attendees of Texas Linux Fest.


Saturday’s schedule kicks off with the Texas Linux Fest 2012 keynote presentation, “Hackerspaces and Free Culture” given by Chris Hardee, Jeremy Zunker and Mike Perez of 10BitWorks, the San Antonio hackerspace.


After a short post-keynote break, sessions start and the expo floor opens. Saturday’s sessions include:


“How to Create Your Own Cloud,” by Joe Brockmeier


“Building software-based NAS using Gluster,” by Thomas Cameron


“Introduction to FreeNAS 8.3,” by Dru Lavigne


“Get to Know btrfs,” by Carlos Alva


“Introduction to PC-BSD 9,” by Kris Moore


“Security's Worst Practices,” by Gary Smith


“Linux Kernel Debugging Techniques,” by Vaitheeshwar Ramachandran


“Reimagining the Command Line for the Tablet Age,” by Ramalingam Saravanan


“Linux Audio: Pro-Audio Basics,” by Gabriel Beddingfield


A complete list of speakers can be found at http://2012.texaslinuxfest.org/sessions


The Texas Linux Fest Attendee Reception, sponsored by Rackspace, wraps up the show after the last sessions are finished and the expo floor is closed. Details on the post-event party will be forthcoming as they are finalized.



Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her chatting on the IRC channel or on Twitter.


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Can any one summarize what

jimmybrion's picture

Can any one summarize what happened in Texas Linux Fest ? Any new leanings ?

I was curious

TravisMorris's picture

I was curious as to the overall cost of the project. It should include the cost of training the support staff of the new linux distro and the cost of the helpdesk to support it.
french doors

I hope the

RobertPattinson's picture

I hope the notes/slide/audio/video become available online. "Reimagining the Command Line for the Tablet Age" sounds like fascinating presentation

iPad 2 Cases Uk—Cyber World UK

See two comments below

Ramalingam Saravanan's picture

See my response two comments below.

San Antonio Airport Closure

Tim Johnson's picture

Surely the anonymous bomb threat would not be a malicious attempt to sabotage this event? Would it?

Can't make it, but…

Gumnos's picture

"Reimagining the Command Line for the Tablet Age" sounds like a fascinating presentation—the pain of using a terminal on a tablet has prevented me from purchasing one. I hope the notes/slide/audio/video become available online.

Presentation on "Reimagining the command line.."

Ramalingam Saravanan's picture

The presentation is now available at the Texas Linux Fest website - http://2012.texaslinuxfest.org/sites/default/files/slides/TXLF12-Command...

The software described works on the tablet (iPad), but is alpha quality. The goal is to minimize the use of the keyboard, while still retaining the flexibility of the command line. Feedback welcome!