Take the Survey, Enter to Win a 2010 Linux Journal Wall Calendar

Thank you for your interest, however this survey is now closed. The winners of the 2010 Linux Journal wall calendars have been notified.

If you were not a winner there's still time to pick yours up -- 25% OFF CALENDARS when you buy two or more. Use coupon code 'giftcalendar' when checking out. Expires Nov 30, 2009.




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nice I want to win a beatiful calandar

geert's picture

But when I win...
How is LJ going to be able to find out who it was??
There is no contact info that you have to submit...


Contact Info

Anonymous's picture

LJ would ask you about your contact information via your e-mail you have given them in the end at the bottom of the last page. :)
I guess you havn't seen the formfield for that.