Super Grub Disk

I desparately need help

I do NOT have vista and wouldn't have it if you paid me

I have windows XP (under sufference) as I have some drawing progs that only work in
windows IE: Coral and Serif.

I have three hdd's in my computer as follows

Grub lists as
1 hda sda (hd0) hd0 230gb
2 hdb sdb (hd1) hd1 111gb
3 hdc sdc (hd2) hd2 114gb

hda = "Samsung SP2514" IDE on secondary master = 250gb = ext2fs = empty
hdb = "Maxtor 6Y120MO" SCSI on bus 0 = 120gb = ntfs = windows XP
hdc = "Samsung SP1213" SCSI on bus 1 = 120gb = ext2fs = Ububtu Hardy

I have two dvd/cdr drives

one on IDE primary slave
other on IDE secondary slave

I had windows XP on the "Samsung SP2514" dual booting with Linux Ubuntu "Hardy Heron"
all working ok "Hardy" was fully upto date with all updates as of 17 November 2008

I decided to install windows onto my "Maxtor" drive and Hardy onto my other "Samsung"
drive, every thing worked ok. no problems.

I then decided to take Windows/Linux off of my "Samsung SP2314" as I wanted to install
"Mythbuntu" in place of windows/Linux (not done yet)
now I cannot boot into either OS's. Keep getting

error message "BOOTMGR" is missing

I have tried to boot using "Supergrub" disk to no avail

Fstab shows
1 hdb1 sdb1 (hdb1,0) hd1s1 ext2fs 111GB Ubuntu 8.04.1 \n \l

These are the partitions SGD finds
1 hda1 sda1 (hd0,0) hd0s1 ext2fs 232gb ((empty) (Samsung SP2514))

2 hdb1 sdb1 (hd1,0) hd1s1 hpfs/ntfs 111gb windows (maxtor 6Y120MO)

1 hdc1 sdc1 (hd2,0) hd2s1 ext2fs 111gb Ubuntu (Samsung SP1213)
5 hdc5 sdc5 (hd2,4) hd2s5 swap 2gb


back (error 6 is OK)
error 6 mismatched or corrupt version of stage 1 / stage 2

(root) hd0,0 file type ext2fs partitiontype 0x83 chainloader +1
error 13 invalid or unsupported executable format

hd1,0 error 17 can't mount partition

hd2,0 map (hdo)(hd2) - (hd2)(hd0) chainloader +1 boot
grub loading stage 2..

Computer hangs at this point, with a flashing cursor and no computer activity, have
left it like this for 1 hour just in case but nothing, when I reboot I get the same error

"BOOTMGR" is missing

Have not got a clue how to resolve it
I know both os's are OK and don't want to lose them I only have a dial up connection and
download at the pedantic speed of 2.5 kbs and it has taken me days no weeks to get all the packages to upgrade Hardy
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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