"Sorry, but your system does not meet the minimum system requirements"

Sorry, but your system does not meet the minimum system requirements (Adobe). The all-new Yahoo! Mail has not been tested with your operating system (Yahoo).

What do these two messages have in common? In both cases, they were generated by trying to access the service or software from a Linux-based PC. I wish I could say it was because I am running 64-bit Fedora, or because I want to do something special with the sites, but sadly, that is not the case. In the case of Yahoo, I am just trying to access my mail box. It does work, but it "has not been tested," which leads me to believe that if some feature fails to work as I expect it to, I am pretty much out of luck. In the case of Adobe, I need to download something called Adobe Digital Editions in order to read an electronic book from Cisco Press. I guess this indicates that Cisco admins only use Windows or Apple as their desktop systems.

And this bothers me. It bothers me on a number of levels. Linux is no longer just for servers, nor has it been for more than ten years. Major corporations, like Cisco, are pressing for a larger Linux presence, working with development shops and providing software that interacts or runs on Linux.

A web mail client should not have to be "tested" to work with a specific operating system. It should be tested to interoperate with the HTML standards, but the operating system should be irrelevant. That is supposed to be the strength of n-tier systems.

One of the key points I gained from this year's LinuxCon was that the desktop, as a meme, is dead. And by dead, I mean that it does not matter what the hardware or operating system is. It should not matter if you are accessing data via an Android-powered netbook or an Apple-powered tablet. Making the cloud work, means that the standards must be more than hardware and OS. And yet tools that are supposedly designed to make it easier to integrate and interoperate with the cloud and its data are still hamstrung by having to have a specific operating system, bit version, and CPU running underneath them.

As a Linux user, this makes me very angry...and it is time to start expressing my opinion with my wallet. Regrettably, I do not really think that is going to be enough.


David Lane, KG4GIY is a member of Linux Journal's Editorial Advisory Panel and the Control Op for Linux Journal's Virtual Ham Shack


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Any Linux version of DE?

PHP-Web-Host's picture

I have the same problem with Adobe's digital editions... Does anyone know if they even have plans to support Linux? Or if someone else is going to write a program which can read licensed books???

Should they really have access to our product infomation?

Anonymous's picture

Could someone advise what info websites can get from us without our permission? I understand they can recognize the geographic location of your service provider, but what else can they get? Apparantely they can see what operating system you are using and perhaps what product you are using, and use this information to discriminate against the manufacturers of these products, at the same time block the poor consumer that isn't aware that their product would be blocked? Isn't that personal and confidential information that is not neccessary for others to know? At least there should be an option to opt out of your PC or whatever product providing this data. Perhaps there needs to be a lawsuit or legislation to prevent companies from seeing this personal data?

HTTP Headers

Cyntrox's picture

That data is mostly being extracted from HTTP headers. What this means is that when your web browser connects to a remote server, it sends the data along with the request for the site. You can read more at http://www.jmarshall.com/easy/http/


kBasarab's picture

Problem I have with some sites is because they see you're running Linux in your user agent they just won't let you access the site or service of the site at all. I've found numerous sites like this that if I switch my user agaent everything works flawlessly but rather than troubleshoot or tell people to use a supported browser if they run into trouble they just don't let you in at all.

system does not meet the minimum system requirements

phillip's picture

Then why does The Linux Journal need a Mac running Adobe Distiller for Mac?

system does not meet the minimum system requirements

phillip's picture

Then why does The Linux Journal need a Mac running Adobe Distiller for mac?

We won! and we're in the news!

Owl's picture

We won! We saved Classic Groups!!!

And we made the news!

Nice to know our voices were heard! Amazing what a group of people can do when they stand together!


evil girl

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Linux Bias

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You know they always site low number of Linux users as a reason not to develop sites like mail.yahoo.com to work with Linux. I have to say, with an estimated 45million Linux users in the world, it would be on my list of things to do. I am really not sure what company can afford not to accommodate that many users. That is a lot of eye balls.

Linux shareholders action groups ?

paulparker's picture

How many here hold shares in Yahoo ?

How many here hold shares in Microsoft ?

How many here hold shares in [insert whatever] ?

Am regularly allocating my (full/partial) proxy voting ability to the Australian Shareholders Association - encourage others do likewise, so our ASA representative asks on behalf of we smaller shareholders - particularly we who do not attend meetings.

Users of Linux who also shareholders perhaps need organize, similar proxy usage.

Pressure these Boards and CEO's to answer questions about how many subscribers/users actually use what software, where and why they failing to support OS irrelevant standards.

Larger organized proxy holders often will submit their questions well prior to General Meetings -making it clear the answers expected.

Doing such may obtain answers prior to General Meetings.

Are the numbers right?

J_Edgar's picture

Just taking a poll around my office of the 15 persons here, 5 of us have some form of Linux running on at least one platform at home. I suspect the number of actual users may be higher than estimated. Great article, by the way, and an even greater argument for more interoperability.

compliance with difference

paulparker's picture

Argument needs be of compliance of application provider's products with the various standards (eg HTML) NOT who's OS or application is better.

Motor Vehicles and aircraft must comply with standards before they are sold, same with applications for various OS's.

Perhaps need some test cases where applications fail to comply with basic standards.

exactly my point

qazwiz's picture

i gave additional examples that showed when the technique is appropriate but the example of the article is making a false insinuation from a half truth

the truth is probably that they were paid by Micro$hit to only verify against Micro$hit products (maybe allowing more expensive Mac line also)

but the fact they refuse to test their product with a Linux product has nothing to do with it operating with a Linux product so they should not imply it won't..... especially when it does


Diziizle's picture

selective replies

qazwiz's picture

even before Vista was released I grinned every time a web site detected my browser and suggested that Firefox was better suited for the application that I was about to embark

and I blasted the complaining Micro$hit user who thought it said it wouldn't work unless they use Firefox.... Clearly the fact was they said it would be safer and easier to use Firefox. I listed all the security holes that Micro$hit refused to plug because they called it a Feature that someone on the web could take over their computer without your permission.... the rest of the world calls it an unlocked back door

what those sites were saying was totally true.... Firefox is more secure than Internet explorer

but this situation is a horse of a different color

if you went to AppleFarms Inc. to buy your Apple Juice and saw a billboard outside their sales outlet that said "OJnAPPLE Inc has been allowed to produce Juices for the last 75 years but it is against the laws of nature for AppleFarms produce Orange Juice."

now what is this statement saying about AppleFarms ability to sell you a safe glass of AppleJuice??? absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and of course it is impossible for and apple farm to produce an orange to be juiced if they don't own an orange tree.

but it is putting a bad thought in the mind of the consumer and when you don't see an Orange Juice the implication is that the Apple Juice quality is to be questioned

this sort of misleading information is the con man trying to sell the sawdust in a forest to the beavers and the author rightly points this out. if you comply with HTML5 you are making the best apple juice that nature allows... it doesn't matter if your trees are in Michigan or Oregon State. If Micro$hit would comply with the WWW standards instead of trying to add their own patented crap then all consumers would be better off. but Micro$hit wants to steal all the money in your wallet and is doing so in dozens of ways, way too many to enumerate logically in this venue (books can be written on the con jobs that are duping 95% of the computer community)

suffice to say: "always use Linux based products" is a matra that will same you thousands of dollars

and a follow up matra of "Beware of the Con Man touting the Micro$hit products" will put you on to groups that have been infiltrated by the Silicon Satan


qazwiz's picture

fat fingers mistype not caught by the spellchecker

suffice to say: "always use Linux based products" is a mantra that will SAVE you thousands of dollars

http://www.dikkatdizi.com .

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can someone ban this adspam

qazwiz's picture

can someone ban this adspam shithead

It Adobe's fault

Nic's picture

The only problem is Adobe. Death to flash

Yatanic, Iceberg, Dead Ahead!

Brenda's picture


For weeks we’ve been striving
To save Classic Groups.
Since Yahoo just wants us
To jump through their hoops.

A group was created
To further our goal.
We threw ourselves into
The cause, heart and soul

There were 100 members
In no time at all,
All joining together
To stop this downfall.

We wrote Yahoo’s Execs,
And the media too,
Even told Advertisers
What they planned to do.

We feverishly worked,
Though it was a gamble,
While in her blog, Layla,
Continued to ramble.

“Stop this remodel”,
We shouted as one,
“You have no idea,
Of the damage you’ve done!

You’re destroying our archives!
Post numbers are gone,
Threading is chaos,
And our subjects are gone!

We don’t want your silly
Grey grinning ghosts!
Bring back our home page,
It mattered the most!

Our photos are scrambled,
Some even are missing,
Why are you doing this?
Our pleas you’re dismissing!

We simply can’t function
With your new “Yabook”!
Just give us an opt out,
To keep Classic Look!

Things that were private,
Have been compromised!
Members lists show,
And even archives!

We have no control of our
Management functions,
Some people are thinking
Of filing injunctions!

The thousands of posts
In the Suggestion Thread,
Are all going ignored,
Can’t you hear what we’ve said?

We don’t want this mess!
You’ve upset us all,
And you’re causing distress!

If we wanted Facebook,
Then we would be there!
Our groups are our “homes”
Do you even care?

You came with a bulldozer,
You’re crushing them flat!
Don’t do this, we’d rather
Just stay where we’re at!

Don’t you know thousands
Of users are leaving?
And all of the rest are
Just sitting here grieving?

Please listen to us,
While we are still here,
Because if you don’t,
Then surely I fear,

No one will be left,
To hear what you say
We’ll be in our lifeboats,
All paddling away

Cause we see the iceberg,
And before it can hit,
We’ve all made our plans,
We’re ready to quit.

So please take a minute,
Slow down and think?
Because your Yatanic,
Well, it’s doomed to sink.”

By Nightowl >8#
(Owner of http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/modsandmembers/)


Brenda (Owl)'s picture



"USA Today CEO Forum plans to interview Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz. And we'd like your help.

Do you have any questions you'd like them to ask?

Let us know what you want to know about Yahoo, Bartz, prospects for the Internet and digital

media, and how CEOs can effectively manage companies in a period of
such rapid change.

We'll ask Bartz as many of your questions as we can -- and we'll post her best
answers on usatoday.com." By David Lieberman

Here's our chance, go and post the questions to them about why is she destroying Yahoo Groups and

why she won't listen to thousands of users planning a mass exodus if the remodel continues!

Let's get our concerns out in the media!!!!

We're making progress in our quest to save Classic Yahoo Groups. People are starting to listen!

We just have to keep on protesting and not let up!

Nightowl >8#
(Created to save Yahoo Classic Groups or help them to find an alternative)

My website is Firefox/Opera and XPDF/Okular ready

Arvi Pingus's picture

Use the link to fetch a copy of this superb software.
Don't use Internet Explorer or Adobe's Reader. It voids the guarantee that we give on your hardware.

He guys, in what age do we live? Linux on the desktop is so '2000'.
Now we get into the clouds. Even more 'less depending' on firms who denies open standards.

But then, why?

Balaji N.'s picture

The truth is that, these corporations tend to "support" other corporations to collectively take some form our purses. The question they would ask is, if the effort to make it compatible (to either the html standards or Linux), is worth (for them) or not. Regrettably the answer may be a no, alleast for now.

It's like Linux doesn't exist...

jim87410's picture

Another site that doesn't recognize Linux is FedEx. Even though I use Chrome and Firefox, the FedEX Ship Manager pops a window that says they only "support" those browsers running on Windows or Mac OS.

Issues with Yahoo

apexwm's picture

Yahoo is being embraced by Microsoft, so this is probably only the beginning. Just wait, I'm sure more things will be breaking. I recently noticed the popup about my OS being "not tested" and I'm thinking of switching to Google for everything, email, start page, etc. I've used Yahoo for many many years (over 10), and everything has always worked. But ever since Microsoft started taking over Yahoo's services a year or so ago, things have started breaking. I use Fedora Linux. If they can't make their software cross compatible, then I'm gone.

have used google for years

qazwiz's picture

have used google for years and cant think why anyone would even associate with a bunch of yahoos

Thank you for bringing this up

apexwm's picture

I am really glad to see this article being posted. I am a web developer and when I find sites that are OS dependent I feel pity on the owners of the site. Essentially they are turning away visitors, and I guarantee the businesses do not realize it. When I encounter sites that simply don't work, I move along to one that does. Sometimes I'll drop them a note if it's easy, to let them know that their site is not compatible with multiple platforms. Sites CAN be created to work with multiple platforms. The problem is that proprietary tools used to create and publish sites, work OK with some browsers but not others. And some like Microsoft, only generate code that works with IE and no other browsers. Websites do not need to look at what browser and OS the client is using, and so many are over bloated and have too much logic in them. Hopefully they will get the clue and redesign/recode the websites to work correctly. Otherwise, they will continue to lose visitors.

linux where i work

Anonymous's picture

I work for an ISP, I tried to get linux implemented as a desktop choice alongside windows. This was stopped due to 'iso and pci standards compliance'..

what i basically found was that there is spyware running on all the windows boxes and because of this, linux is not able to be used

interesting story, tell us

Anonymous's picture

interesting story, tell us more...

Another anti-linux sites

Anonymous's picture

Cannot create and manage websites using their online tool.

Is there a list of such sites? Most sites work just fine with firefox+Windows,
but complain with firefox+Linux. Why?

The sad thing about this is

David B's picture

The sad thing about this is that the new Yahoo has been around for over a year and it's always gave me that error, even though there is obviously nothing wrong with it.

They should either test it or take down the POS warning.

Theory: "Platform

Rudiger's picture

Theory: "Platform independent/browser independent".
Real life: like for taxes, you'll catch more if you shoot in big group rather than trying to catch a single one. I mean that 99,9 % of clients around the world is MS. Testing remaining OS would cost too much, so as professionals they say "not tested".
Mumble: does anyone know if the same message is displayed on Mac?

Not a good analogy

Rambo Tribble's picture

In actual fact, "covey shooting" is a well-established technique for going home with an empty game bag. Any hunter deserving of the name knows you must pick one target at a time.

I'm always suspicious.

Anonymous's picture

Sometimes I wonder if there is a larger plan in all of this.

also yahoo.com runs Linux

and there mail.yahoo.com run FreeBSD


Bernard Swiss's picture

After reading this article, I ran over to a certain well-known, online translation site, selected "English" for source and target language, and copy-pasted the error message in question:

"Sorry, but your system does not meet the minimum system requirements"

The translation program returned the following result:

"Sorry, we screwed up -- but we're going to blame your system for the problem."

Machine translation is getting better all the time!


thiago's picture

Not to comment the shameful skype's linux version.


Bart Friederichs's picture

Adobe Digital Editions works perfectly in Wine. It might not be supported by Adobe, and it I agree it is annoying. I use it to 'decode' DRM'd e-books I buy from bol.com (a big dutch book seller) and put them on my Sony Reader. (See also my blog post about it (in Dutch))

Forcing someone to run an application under windows libraries...

Rob Felsburg's picture

Forcing someone to run an application under windows libraries, or what is essentially windows emulation, yes I know what wine stands for, does not count as 'compatibility' or even 'usability' for that matter.

To top it off, Digital editions is just a repackaged version of acrobat reader; And I quote "Digital Editions, which provides the eBook capabilities integrated with previous versions of Acrobat and Reader". Since when did a pdf become platform specific, hell look at what Adobe did with flash player for firefox under 64 bit linux.

Seems to contradict the original intent of all of these pieces of software, which was being non os/application dependent.

I am still on Yahoo Mail

Anonymous's picture

I am still on Yahoo Mail Classic on the accounts that I still have. If email were an OS, new default Yahoo mail would be Windows Me. And I find myself using them ever less frequently. Yahoo has gone from being my main email account to getting the monthly newsletter from my old highschool, weekly StatCounter reports for my blog and not much else. Their service pales dreadfully in comparison to GMail. I do not understand why one would continue to use it.

Be Glad you don't have AT&T is your ISP

Anonymous's picture

I AGREE 100%. Yahoo Mail has not stayed on top of things.

AT&T changed the email hosting to Yahoo. You have to use Yahoo servers to check your email. It has been a pain and has forced me to change more email list over to my GMail account. Yahoo spam filter doesn't work. It doesn't block Yahoo generated SPAM, but it will block my bank as being SPAM. It doesn't default to https and the List goes on and on.

Same issue with Comcast

Funtime's picture

I ran into the same issue trying to activate my Comcast internet. All you should have to do is open the Comcast page (default when internet hasn't been setup yet) and say "Activate". However, when I tried to do this with my Linux machine, it said I would need to call Customer Service. When I called customer service, they asked why I needed to activate over the phone and I explained I was on Linux. The tech asked "Why?". Seriously? That's all you have to say? Ridiculous.

More companies and major organizations need to realize that Linux is around and isn't going anywhere. Either get with the times or become obsolete.



tagMacher's picture

I have chosen to stick with Yahoo Mail Classic years ago when they teamed up with MSFT and came out with a version that required ActiveX to be enabled. Even though I use Win machines > 25% of the time, I refused and I guess there are many more like me out there which is why the plain old YM Classic is still around. This works on Linux, Mac and Win. Of course since then I have relegated YM to one or two mailing lists with good archives, so the day the plug is pulled on YMail Classic is also the day I stop using all Yahoo services.

Yahoo "Requirement"

Anonymous's picture

Back when Yahoo was trying to push their "New" mail client they were also pushing for "feedback" on the new design.
I put in feedback a number of times that the "New" design was atrocious and the development team should be fired.
Guess I wasn't listed to...