Slax: Your Pocket Operating System

Slax is a fast, small, portable Linux distribution taking a modular approach that gives you the ability to easily add on your favorite software. Just download a module with the software, copy it to Slax -- no installing, no configuring.

See it in action:

TheMacWizard posted the following video on YouTube demonstrating Slax on his Macbook (running Leopard 10.5.4).

PenDriveLinux also posted a demo of Slax on his Windows machine.


Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.


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The God Thing

Phil Hughes's picture

I know a lot of people (including my wife) that think there is only one God. That isn't very far away from zero. I would guess most Pagans would be equally offended.

In my neighborhood (ok, Guatemala) the Mayan religion is serious business and they clearly have quite a few. My favorite is Acan. Pretty specific but I like the concept.

Phil Hughes


Heathen's picture

Boohoo... of, course it would never occur to any of the religious nutballs who would take offense to those atheist messages that the atheists are just as offended that everywhere they go, they are forced to carry around pieces of paper and bits of metal with "In God We Trust" emblazoned on each and every one of them.

Agree. Vehemently.

Anonymous's picture

I am kinda "laisses-faire atheist" - i.e., somebody else's religion wouldn't bother me so much if they kept it to themselves. But they try to rule everybody else's life. Inquisition, fatwas and the like, you know? The "god" thing really sucks.

Ah, how I wish I could live in a free world!

The Slax webpage will offend some

Techokami's picture

Slax: Your Atheist Operating System
(see the bottom of EVERY PAGE on their site for "Your God does not exist" messages)

Well that's basically why

Anonymous's picture

Well that's basically why you have Ubuntu Christian or Muslim Editions (there's also a Satanic one, if you are into that kind of stuff).

But, who are we kidding, right? Your God is the one and only... The proper one... The true one.

Call me what you like: Infidel, Atheist or Blasphemous... But YOUR idea of GOD DOESN'T EXIST. Surely by now you would know that the true nature of God in incomprehensible to us mere mortals and that is why, by simple logic, you just don't get it... No matter how much you try. You agree with others in some basic principles of what He/She/It is and then suddenly you think you know, but you don't.

OK, enough religion...

"It's got Spaces"... Um nope... It's got desktops. Spaces is the name Apple gave it and given your prior experience is with macs you would think that they copied it from Apple... It's the other way around.

I said enough fanatism...

"It looks basically like a blend between Mac and Windows". Well yeah, this is to steep down the learning curve. You will find it easier to get adjusted if it shares common stuff.

One last note... Religions speak about the eternal bliss of unbound love. How come most religious people often hate those who differ from them?. More often than not, most uber-religious guys will not behave by their own standards. But i guess that's ok because your God said so, right? ... Where? And don't go quoting no sacred Book (they all where written by mere mortals). When (and if) we all stand in His/Her/Its presence... Would you like Him/Her/It to reprimand you for not loving everyone enough?

I thought so.


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