The Revolution Will Be Televised

Google, which famously runs on N thousand Linux servers (they don't say; perhaps modesty forbids), has leveraged its vast platform yet again with the launch of Google Video.

In sort-of-a hark back to the earliest days of Yahoo (which predates Google by a few years, for those of you who may not remember), Google invites folks to submit their videos to the Google directory, and conveniently provides Mac, Windows and (YES!) Linux uploaders.

At current count, Google findsa whopping total of thirteen videos off a search for "linux". (Yahoo, which has had video search for awhile, finds 4,551.)

Let's help Google out a bit, then.

And let's also let each other know how it goes. We can watch what's happening on the Google Video blog as well.


Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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Numbers of linux videos on Google increase

Thorsten's picture

After 9 month the number of linux videos on Google is 676. More help is needed ;o)

Not for me this time

webdesign hamburg's picture

Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn't available in your

Lol, poor germany :)
I dont care that much.

Why not try alltheweb?

barryp's picture

I surfed over to and typed "linux" into their video lookup search engine (which they've had for a while). It returned 2840 entries with content filtering turned off.

Paul Barry
IT Carlow, Ireland

Paul Barry

You seem to need flash

Anonymous's picture

You seem to need flash though to actually watch the videos. Takes the shine off, in my opinion.

You are missing the point

drgalaxy's picture

I think that flash is a great 'least common denominator' platform for web multimedia, however, it is a closed system that cannot be expanded on.

The main arguments for Flash are: 1) the content works the same on all OS/browser combinations, 2) loads quickly & doesn't leak memory, 3) artistic expression - Flash is primarily a creative tool, 4) linux version doesn't stink as much anymore!

Compared to Java or Windows Media, Macromedia Flash is great! Besides, Google is working on a browser plugin for web video based on (the awesome) VLC ( and you can bet they are going to take advantage of VLC's cross platform architecture.

Yes, Flash is annoying.

Anonymous's picture

Yes, Flash is annoying. They ought to transcode to Theora and point your favorite media player (mplayer, realplayer, whatever) at it...