Prepping for 2010 Readers' Choice Awards

In preparation of our annual Readers' Choice Awards survey, we'd like to get your input on categories. Following is a list of all past categories. What is missing that you'd like to see added this year? Readers' Choice Awards are always a fun time for us to see what the readership is partial to that year, and a great opportunity for us to share with those newer to Linux what they should consider using.

Please leave comments below with your input. We will greatly value any feedback we get. Lets make the 2010 Readers' Choice the most useful, fun and best yet!

Past categories have included, "Select your Favorite..."

  • primary Linux distribution of choice
  • desktop environment
  • web browser
  • e-mail client
  • office program
  • audio tool
  • audio player
  • media player
  • communications tool
  • graphics/design tool
  • digital photo management tool
  • text editor
  • revision control system
  • database
  • monitoring application
  • programming language
  • scripting language
  • GUI remote access or network computing solution
  • IDE
  • platform for developing Rich Internet Apps
  • game
  • virtualization solution
  • backup system
  • backup utility
  • package management application
  • web server
  • Linux-friendly web hosting company
  • Linux-based gadget
  • laptop
  • desktop workstation
  • server
  • "green" Linux product or solution
  • book
  • Linux Journal column

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.


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Split the Best Distrobution Up

Anonymous's picture

What I mean is have a best distribution for Gnome, KDE, XFCE, LXDE and other. As well as a best overall distribution.

Company engagement

Eduardo's picture


What about the company(soft/hard) that looks as more commited with Linux development??


"Select your Favorite..."

smpratz's picture

...distribution for netbooks/limited hardware.

favorite distro for netbooks

Tuxly_Tuxford_McTuxtington's picture

I second this.


Ard Righ's picture

Code/Project hosting/management solution eg GitHub, GoogleCode, Indefero, Launchpad

I think that might be relevant with todays distributed development; it would be interesting to see what people nominate.

Suggested New Category

Doug.Roberts's picture

Not, mind you, that I am in any way biased, but I think there is an absolute screaming need for a Most Sarcastic New Linux Journal Blogger category.

But that's just my NSHO (figure it out).



David Lane's picture

Just make it most sarcastic LJ blogger...or most likely to have their grammar nit-picked or...hmmmmm...:-)

I like the idea for Limited Hardware though.

David Lane, KG4GIY is a member of Linux Journal's Editorial Advisory Panel and the Control Op for Linux Journal's Virtual Ham Shack