potential cult computer, the zpc-GX31

Laptops have been the bane of my computing life, not much to upgrade, too complex to fix myself, too tight and fragile. Desktops are just too big, but I like the amenities.

My ideal computer is embodied in one unit, Cybernet Manufacturing's zero footprint PC, the ZPC-GX31. The whole thing is under the keyboard some say smacks of a Commodore 64. Looks like a laptop, but it has room inside, all parts are standard except the motherboard. It is low powered, sports an Intel Dual Core and up to 4 gig ram. It will boot from a USB drive and run Linux.

My wish,I want laptop technology but my own display of choice and portability is not an issue and don't hog my desk. This PC fits the bill, I can't wait to get one, but..........Have you folks heard and tested this PC?
It looks like the greatest thing since the Happy Hacker Keyboard. What you think?

Cybernet Zero Footprint

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Can't believe i found someone else who likes these keyboard computers.

Bought one 4 yrs. ago - perfect service and hardware in 2005. Keyboard felt better than any I had ever used. Bought again last month and still love it. Hardware still excellent, free of extraneous software, rock solid, built like a tank. I resold to a client 4 years ago, operation of it has been 100%, client who knows little about computers has not needed to call for anything. (and the call would have been free)

I'm not happy anymore with sales and Support, did not give tracking info, rate them 9 out of 10. They used to be 10 our of 10. Used to give total attention, had all the time in the world for me even though I was buying only one unit. Now they promise to call back with info, and don't. Sales and service is in CA, and you really do get someone in person who works there.

Photo at their website is out of date. They no longer include the card reader shown on the front of the keyboard. Their 20" wide screen w computer built behind the screen is almost out.