philips webcam

I'm a little new to linux. But i'm running pclinuxos 2008 or 2007. I have a philips webcam model # sic4750/27. I really don't know how to config it so if someone could help that would be great.


Run lsusb

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Open a shell (command prompt) and run the command "lsusb".

If you see something like this:

  Bus 001 Device 002 ID 04fc:0561 Sunplus Technology Co. Ltd Flexcam 100.

That is your webcam (in other words, Phillips sells it but they don't make it). The two numbers 04fc:0561 are the Vendor ID (04fc) and Product ID (0561) of the camera. If you check here:

You'll see that that matches:

   Ezonics  37  0x04fc  0x0561  EzCam III  spca561a

Yet another non-phillips name.

Check the download page for drivers:

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