Organize Your Shows with Sickbeard

First, a disclaimer: the program Sickbeard was created for the purpose of pirating television shows from Usenet and torrent sites. I don't condone piracy of any sort, but Sickbeard has some amazing other features that make it worth mentioning.

Sickbeard is a server-based application that runs on your file server, and it can manage and sort all of your television shows. If you have a collection of TV episodes you've recorded with MythTV, ripped from DVD, pulled from TiVo or however you might have procured them, organizing them in a way that programs like Boxee or XBMC understand can be daunting. Sickbeard is a program that can sort, organize and rename episodes automatically. It lets you know if you are missing episodes, and it can download metadata and cover art. It even can notify you with a pop-up on your XBMC home-theater device when a new episode is added to your library.

Again, Sickbeard was designed with nefarious intentions in mind, but even if you don't want to pirate television shows from Usenet, it's a great way to keep your XBMC database organized. Check it out at


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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You write "I don't condone piracy of any sort, but Sick beard has some amazing other features that make it worth mentioning."

The fact that you've written this article reflects the fact that you want to bring attention to Sick beard. If you genuinely feel that SB is about piracy, and piracy can't be condoned, you would not give this tool any press.


I don't know what your motives were in posting this in the first place, but this article doesn't add anything new to the already existing information about SB, it doesn't provide a unique point of view, and it's not in depth. I'm unsure if this is a subtle troll... if not, it's just poorly written.

Either way, please don't add any more noise to the internet. If you have something to say, make it worthwhile.


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very inspiring

this is sick man... i guess

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this is sick man... i guess thats why it has the name sickbeard.... omfg ... sooo kewllll man. kock on... i mean rock on.!!! woot