Opera Dragonfly

Opera Software's Opera Dragonfly is a new suite of open-source debugging tools for Web developers and designers that got its name because "it eats bugs". The suite covers the full debugging work flow, from inspecting network access and downloaded resources to correcting JavaScript issues and seeing how CSS rules apply to the DOM. Opera Dragonfly supports all the newest Web technologies, including SVG and HTML5 APIs, such as Web Storage. Product benefits, sayeth Opera, include a superior JavaScript debugger, a network inspector to discover why a site "turns to molasses" and a storage inspector to uncover how a site handles the data it collects. Opera Dragonfly loads automatically when one downloads the Opera browser.



James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.


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How does this compare to

Anonymous's picture

How does this compare to Firebug or am I talking about something completely different. If its open source I might take a closer look.


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I like Opera!, They know this issue!


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I think that it's time for people to start using the new logo that has been around since version 10 if I remember correctly :-)


good news

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I knew about this but have not used it, I did not know it was an open source project. Thanks