Open Source Ecommerce

I am pretty sure that Linux Journal has about the smartest readership of any publication I can think of. Seriously, I have met many of you. You're absurdly bright people.

So here I am exploring various ecommerce solutions and thought I might defer to your wisdom. What is the best thing out there for operating an online store that uses open source code running on a LAMP platform?

Any thoughts?

Your input is much appreciated!


Katherine Druckman is webmistress at You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit


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Since there are many

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Since there are many Ecommerce Solutions out there, making the right choice can often be a big problem. At the same time, if you go wrong with a solution, then you might not actually get what you want, or you might end up overspending on setting up the system, which might offset your profits a bit. Hence, you need to take time out and select the right Ecommerce Solution for your business. I have used Pay Vision and I am so happy with their services. Check out their website

osCommerce Apache Vulnerability

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The last time I looked at using osCommerce it required that the .htaccess file to have the Register Globals turned "On" with this line entry: php_flag register_globals on.

That was a real draw back, since turning Register Globals "On" would open the Server to outside attacks.

Has that changed?


Open Source Ecommerce

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Hello Katherine,

I thought you might be interested in our website project,

We are developing some 'open source' software for an e-commerce arts' website using 'open source' code running on a LAMP platform. This will be licensed under a GNU GPL.

The website will be officially launched on 18th July (Launch Party in London, UK).

After this we intend to develop it further with craft and music options.

We can be contacted via the 'about' page on the test website:



E-Commerce Open Source Solution

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Recently, I used an open source e commerce solution called "OSCommerce". It seems to be very robust and has a whole store setup from install. It of course is LAMP (or more specifically *AMP). I feel it deserves a "looking at".

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I am personally rather fond of Ubercart. Great integration with Drupal and the developers have been very open to changes when required. I've set up a demo at this location if you are curious.

-- Marcel

Marcel (Writer and Free Thinker at Large) Gagné AND


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I'll toss that one out (and probably get beat up). Some time ago I did a reasonable amount or research and testing and it seemed to come out ahead of the others including ZenCart.

Phil Hughes


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There are quite a few companies built around that package.


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Hi, we use Interchange for our solution. It's not bound to one company, it has a bunch of consulting companies, it's been around for 15 years, and it actually works. We've checked out magento and oscommerce, but our developers liked Interchange more. It took us some time to get used to it, but we would never substitute it now. We have gift certificates, a bit strange category structure, and we needed to connect to a custom backoffice that we were using. None of the solutions were able to do this. Magento advertised flexibility,... but it's actually a finished webshop just like oscommerce. Our competition can easily install that in 15 minutes too. We needed something with what we can have more than the others. Anyway, the point is: good solutions COST money. You have to have some custom development unless you have 10 t-shirts. After our developers spent a few months testing everything, this turned out to be the only thing that can really do it.