New Products for November

Brian Evans' Practical 3D Printers: The Science and Art of 3D Printing (Apress)

Announcing new books like Brian Evans' Practical 3D Printers: The Science and Art of 3D Printing is dangerous. Now we'll never get you out of the basement. Should you decide to sequester yourself in pursuit of 3-D-printing guru-dom, you will find yourself fully armed with everything you need to know. In case you are not yet aware, a 3-D printer is a device you can either buy or (oh so much more fun) build to make parts, toys, art and even 3-D images captured by a sensor or modeled in software. The book takes readers beyond building the printer to calibrating it, customizing it and creating amazing models with it, including 3-D printed text, a warship model, a robot body, windup toys and arcade-inspired alien invaders. Readers also will explore the different types of popular 3-D printer models like the MakerBot, the whiteAnt RepStrap and RepRap printers. Other topics range from finding and creating 3-D models, including using Google Sketchup, creating a 3-D model from a 2-D image, the printer toolchain, creating multipart models and meshes, and upgrading both the mechanical and electronic parts.

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SUSE Cloud solution.. Silagra

Braydon Sawyer's picture

SUSE Cloud solution..

SUSE has been very dependable

Chad's picture

SUSE has been very dependable over the years. Their cloud management services should be not different.


clara003's picture

I discovered your site via facebook.
Your career is immeasurable copy your courage.
You have touched me, and I'm admiring,
I commend you for all your work and I wish you a bright future full of colors!! good luck
tarots gratuit


lekon's picture

Allowing enterprises to rapidly deploy.And it's supported on more hardware and software than any other enterprise Linux distribution.

SUSE is the original provider

autelcn's picture

SUSE is the original provider of the enterprise Linux distribution and the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing. It's the only Linux recommended by VMware, Microsoft and SAP. And it's supported on more hardware and software than any other enterprise Linux distribution.

autel ds708

re: endorsement

Kerwin's picture

"VMware, Microsoft and SAP." Well, at least I know why microsoft endorses to play.
And seriously? It's like reading an ad...

SUSE hatin'

rodney rondozai's picture

i think people are just against SUSE because of its ties to microsoft in past and present projects. That aside, SUSE (i use openSUSE 12.1 as a media server and domain controller) is quite relible as an enterprise server solution. go SUSE

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