Need clarification abt kernel

I want 2 use linux kernel as a base for dealing with HW
And to attach a program written in java to it.
so what i can do if i want to make an os having only this java program.

got the kernel from
I want to attach specific device drivers to the kernel to deal with specific HW.
I have developed a program in Java; I want this program only to work with the kernel...

p.s. I want a hw with application specific written in java...
is there any way I can do what I am thinking of?

i have a program written in java...
and i want this program to boot and run once i powered on any device "FPGA with touch screen, PDA, PC, whatever HW has screen as o/p and any i/p"...

Are You Sure You Want to Do That?

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In "theory" you could replace /sbin/init, which is the first process run and which is the parent of all processes, but it's far from that simple.

I'd suggest that you get an entire distro somewhere and get that running and then start cutting out the things that you don't need. Having a working shell and ssh, etc will be worth it in the long run.

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