Marcel Gagne Switches to Windows

Note: This article was written on April Fool's Day, April 1, 2008.

Marcel blogs:

After years of trying to convince others, and myself I might add, I've decided that Windows is in fact the superior operating system. Yes, that's right. I'm moving from Linux to Windows. Some of you may wonder what prompted this seismic shift and you deserve an explanation. Last night I had a dream and in it, a Windows butterfly just kept fluttering around this little pudgy penguin's head. Try as he might, the penguin couldn't swat the butterfly away. Finally, exhausted, the little black and white penguin sat down on his iceberg and softly, ever so softly, the butterfly landed on the penguin's head. Suddenly, a bright light engulfed the penguin, transforming him from dull monochrome to a colorful peacock-like explosion; a veritable CMYK palette, though somehow still limited to 24 bits.

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I had a similar dream...

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we must be connected through so cosmic shift in wifi or something, but I hear you loud and clear. Who dares oppose their always correct subconscious and question the obvious? Late last night, I would say about 12:01AM, I had a dream that a penguin and a bull were battling, something about a GNU prefix... then there was a puffy and a bestie trying to kill one another. Strangely (and I think this should end the KDE vs. Gnome debate FOREVER) there was a cute little green dragon with no one to fight, just a little foot print that wiggled its toes every once in a while. I think that means the dragon wins.

Anyhow, I was viewing all of this through my secure little window, in a closed, locked house where I would always feel safe and secure. All that confusion taking place outside just made my head spin so I put away my freedom and jumped back into the world of Windows once again.


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Tell me, Marcel, what wine goes with a knife in the back?

BeOS 4 Life.

Justin Ryan is a Contributing Editor for Linux Journal.