Looking up the Spelling of a Word

To get the Spelling of a Word.

$ look

so the following will list all words that start with

$look ask

It helps to have a large "linuxwords" dictionary.

Note: vim users can setup the .vimrc file with the following. Now when you type CTL-X CTL-T in insert mode, you'll get a thesaurus lookup.

set dictionary+=/usr/share/dict/words
set thesaurus+=/usr/share/dict/words

Or, you can call aspell with the F6 command after putting the folling entry in your .vimrc file

:nmap :w:!aspell -e -c %:e
Now, hit F6 when you're in vim, and you'll get a spell checker.

There is also an X Windows dictionary that runs with the following command.

$ gnome-dictionary
Read more @ www.lynuxstuff.com

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