Looking for New Writers and Meet Us at SCaLE 16x

If you're interested in writing for us, we want to hear from you—or even better, here's a chance to meet us in person to discuss the possibilities.

If you're going to SCaLE16x, grab a beer with tech editor Kyle Rankin (@kylerankin) and talk about LJ writing opportunities at 6:30pm tomorrow (March 9, 2018) at The Yardhouse (300 E Colorado Blvd #220, Pasadena).

We're interested in articles on cool projects you've done with Linux/open source/RPi, etc. We'd also like tutorials/howtos, real-world stories, articles on using FOSS to do something unusual or large-scale. Other topics to consider: IoT, machine learning, AI, containers, security, Python—really anything Linux or open-source-related.

Again, we're always looking for new writers from the Linux community. If you have ideas, please send proposals to write@linuxjournal.com.


Jill Franklin, Executive Editor, Linux Journal