Linux Journal Android App and EPUB Now Available

We invite you to test drive Linux Journal's new Android app and EPUB version of the magazine. We've made the September issue of LJ available for free in both formats:

  • Download the Android app w/free access to the September 2011 issue.
  • Download the September 2011 issue EPUB file.

Please enjoy and as always, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Special note to Linux Journal Subscribers: You will have access to all future issues of LJ in both formats (not just this September issue). When you are notified of your next issue (on October 1), you will be directed to a page where you can also download that issue's EPUB file. Beginning with that October issue you will also be able to use your subscriber ID to login to our Android app and read entire issues directly in the app. Both of those features will be turned on, if you will, on October 1 and we will notify you as such. In the meanwhile, please download the Android app to read your September issue today (no subscriber ID required today) and/or download your September issue in EPUB format.



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iPhone Options

Mark Ferree's picture

I tried opening the epub file in both Stanza and iBooks on my iPhone both of which support epub format and didn't have any luck.

Anyone figure out how to make this work with one of the existing epub readers on the iPhone?

iBooks is my Choice

Rebecca Cassity's picture

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with these. I have been using iBooks to view the Linux Journal EPUB and have not had any problems. Perhaps try re-downloading and importing the file again?

Rebecca Cassity is the Director of Sales for Linux Journal

Works here.

j0ystick's picture

I didn't even noticed this post announcing the epub version, i was just bookmarking the page for later use, waiting for the October issue (i was a paper-version subscriber, so i was getting prepared for the switch) :)

So I went to the usual page on using safari on ipad with the intent of bookmarking it to quickly download pdfs in the future, and boom! i saw a new icon for the epub and i decided to give it a try right away. I've tapped on it, the ipad downloaded it and asked if i wanted to open it in iBooks and all worked fine at first try.
Right after i came to the main website to check if there was any post regarding the appearance of the new format...
So i'm quite perplexed that it is giving issues to some users, since nothing more than a tap was required here.
I've then put aside my ipad 2 to test the thing with my iphone 4 in order to see if maybe on iphone things are behaving differently, but the result is exactly the same.

Both have the latest firmware from apple, no jailbreak and only iBooks as a epub reading app installed (but a prompt asks if i want to use something else to open the file anyway, so i think that you can select also Stanza following my procedure, should it work for you, obviously).

Are you sure you are using a current version of iOS and iBooks? Did you try to import the epub from the pc? Maybe this gives different results... who knows.

Open from the phone

Mark Ferree's picture

Works fine for me if I click the epub link from in Safari on the phone.

I had tried to copy over the epub file itself to the phone's storage which has always worked for pdfs, but I guess epub needs to be imported the other way.

Using iTunes?

j0ystick's picture

Did you dragged it on the iTunes library?

Also, maybe you'll feel offended by my suggestion but it is a thing i always forget to check when a book doesn't appear on iBooks: you know that pdfs and epubs go into different categories automatically in iBooks, right? (you can switch categories by tapping on the central upper button that reads "PDF" while in pdf mode and select "books" or another user-defined category).

This could mean that inside the user-hidden real filesystem they must go in different folders, maybe it is just metadata, i've got no deep knowledge of the underlying system on the iphone/ipad. I'm telling you this because if you used other ways to copy the file to the phone besides itunes, maybe you should take this into account. :)

No iTunes

Mark Ferree's picture

I was on an Ubuntu machine so I wasn't using the officially supported iTunes method for adding the files.

At some point I noticed that when I plugged my phone into Ubuntu I could see the file system and I was able to drop pdfs into the iBooks and Stanzas folders and have them show up. I guess epub files need to be imported in the proper way using Apple's APIs to work.

some subscribers just like

Anonymous's picture

some subscribers just like PDF as format, I hope you're providing a plain pdf file as well

Yes, subscribers still have

Webmistress's picture

Yes, subscribers still have the plain PDF option.

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

TERRIBLE (and I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY bad) web interface

Henry Cejtin's picture

My god, your entire web site is one of the worst that I have ever seen.
It took my friend of mine and me more than half an hour to figure out
that the October issue (in pdf) is still not available. This was after
going from the Linux Journal web site to the digital downloads site (not
being run by the Linux Journal it seems, although that is what it shows
on the title and web page). At the Linux Journal I had to use my E-mail
and one password to log in. A the digital downloads page I had to use
information from a Linux Journal mailing label (which I had saved from
when the print version existed).

Please note, I have gotten the Linux Journal since it was stapled sheets
of paper. I have all pretty much all the old issues.

The electronic version is a bit of a pain. The web versions of the
articles are TERRIBLE. They are broken in to many pages with all kinds
of ads. If an article is actually interesting I have to get the html
from each page and then edit it into a single page without any of the
junk. (Thank goodness for the DOM inspector so I can eliminate the

Again, REALLY BAD. At this rate I almost certainly won't resubscribe.

PDFs, EPUBs, Apps and More

Rebecca Cassity's picture

We know many readers find reading on-line less than ideal, and thus offer the magazine in many formats: our enhanced digital edition includes extras such as videos, and the app for Android is now available, but you can also download the PDF or EPUB format for off-line reading if you find that more convenient. Please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail ( if you have any further questions we can help with.

Rebecca Cassity is the Director of Sales for Linux Journal

Nook version

freesean's picture

While it is possible to download this epub to the computer and convert to nook format, it would be nice if you can make it available on the nook and download directly from barns and noble. I understand amazon and barns and noble may make it hard to provide a subscription but I'd be fine with downloading/purchasing the journal monthly.

epub IS the nook format.

Anonymous's picture

epub IS the nook format.


arscariosus's picture

Works and looks great on my low end phone (LG Optimus One). Well I actually support this idea as here in the Philippines, we have no choice but to scour for three months++ old back issues at Booksale branches.

iPhone App

Pete Vargas Mas's picture

Are there any plans to release an iPhone version of this App?

Pete Vargas Mas is an avid indoorsman and a Linux Consultant.Pete is a RHCE and a MCSA, which so far has not caused any eddies in the space-time continuum. He spends most of his time these days herding hundreds of Linux servers.

Yes to iPhone (and iPad) apps

Carlie Fairchild's picture

Yes, we in fact have both our iPhone and iPad apps completed. We're just waiting for the Apple Store to approve our apps -- it's been a paperwork nightmare from you-know-where for really no good reason. We're now over 30 days since we first applied... crazy.

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

Android app.

Ryan J's picture

I tried the android app on my tablet.

First, it crashed several times. Some help info would be nice to find the finer features.

I liked reading it in portrait mode in full graphics. Looked just like paper copy, looked great, and easy to read.

The one problem with this version is navigation.

I read the tab contents page, and saw an article say on page 33 I wanted to start with. The problem was, I couldn't see no easy way to jump to age 33. I couldn't click on a link, there was no rapid slide forward method, nor was there a button to enter a page to jump to.

This made reading this version very unpleasant. It will great once you fix this.

Otherwise, I will pass.


Sorry to hear that you are

Webmistress's picture

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with crashing. Can you tell me which tablet you are using?

There is an update coming in the next day or so that might help.

As far as the navigation goes, you can navigate to any article by hitting the menu button on your device, and you'll see "navigator" at the top left, which will take you to the table of contents.

See the screenshot here:

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

re: Sorry to hear that you are

Ryan J's picture

I have an Acer A500 Android tablet, running 3.2 OS. It sometimes crashes when opening and then is fine when I reopen it. I have it crash changing from text, to page, form portrait to landscape. Not hard to get a crash actually.

I found the navigation button. The problem was it took me to the text version of the article. I want to go to Magazine view page of the article.

Hmm.. Just did some testing. It takes me to text view, but if I bring up the menu, I can select page view, so it's doable.

I noticed in the nav, there is a page image and text next to it. Would be nice if clicking on text takes me to text view of article, and clicking on the page image takes me to the page view. Or, if I go to nav from page view, then clicking on to an article takes me to page view. If in text view, nav takes me to text view of article. Much more intuitive.

Another VERY annoying thing about the app is that it doesn't remember where I am in the magazine. Every time I open the mag I have to remember where I was and hunt for the page. Very annoying. The great thing about e-readers, is they auto bookmark. I re-open the book and it's where I left off. No hassles.


Thanks for your feedback,

Webmistress's picture

Thanks for your feedback, Ryan.

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

Thanks for the epub

sc's picture

I'll try it as soon as I'll be at home. This is exactly what I was waiting for. Thanks, thanks very much.

Stefano Canepa aka sc:
Three great virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience and hubris.
Le tre grandi virtù di un programmatore: pigrizia, impazienza e
arroganza. (Larry Wall)

Linux Journal epub

Harry Xray's picture

Downloaded the ebub copy an reading it on a Kobo WiFi reader Using the medium size font it is easy reading ... What I have seen and read so far is easy and smart looking

Keep up the good work ...

PS your web site has many excellent articles



Anonymous's picture

I've tried it. it nice when I zoom in, it will lock focus on the left page, but why is it not the same on the right side? I think it should have ability to zoom in deeper, too, since I read it on my android phone.

Would the epub format be free

Anonymous's picture

Would the epub format be free for all henceforth? Or would it be released only to the subscribers?

EPUB for subscribers

Carlie Fairchild's picture

Indeed future issues of the EPUB format will only be available to subscribers.

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

Nice Work

godmachine-x6's picture

This is nice to be able to grab the epub anytime and be able to read it on virtually any platform. I like the idea a lot. I'm like nawglan though, I also enjoy ads in magazine's they seem to be just as interesting as the actual stories a lot of times. Ads in a magazine are nowhere near as annoying as they are on the web, don't ask me why, but it is just different when you have a magazine.. I'm not sure how the ads would integrate into the actual Ebook though, it may feel just like ads in a webpage.. So i guess the only way to really determine what is best is to release an ebook with ads oriented just like they would be in a magazine, and see how users respond.. Either way it is still great that you guys are publishing this in epub format. +1 Linux Magazine :)


godmachine-x6's picture

please forgive me for saying Linux Magazine :( I really meant Linux Journal, caught that mistake after I had already submitted it. sorry guys!

Just Looked at it...

nawglan's picture

I like the flow, but miss the ads. They are just as useful as the rest of the content, in that they show what's trending in the marketplace. Please don't remove them from the epub format. Just having a list of sponsors with links to their sites doesn't give as much impact IMO.

I will enjoy seeing the epub format in the future. If it's a clean epub, conversion to other formats (via Calibre) shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Ads and Other Formats

Carlie Fairchild's picture

Thanks for taking a look at it. As for ads, we'd like to see them in there too. We're working on incorporating the regular ads in there -- it was a file size issue this time around. We had a 10mb file there for awhile and needless to say, that wasn't going to cut it. We're working on improving the EPUB format still and are confident we'll do so very quickly. Expect an even better October 2011 issue EPUB and by November something nothing short of stellar. :)

I do think this EPUB issue of LJ is great. I'm personally enjoying it quite a bit. I hope our readers do too.

As for other formats, agreed. It should and does convert in Calibre pretty well. As a matter of fact, we have a .mobi version here that we're releasing to subscribers this week too. Looks great on the Kindle.

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

Size does make sense. Having

nawglan's picture

Size does make sense. Having the other formats would also allow you to sell them on the Amazon book store, and the google android market. I'd hate to see you guys lose visibility by going digital only.

Also, having the ads visible in the various formats (or a select few) also increases the revenue from those ads (can charge more for graphical ads, less for text only, etc.).

Really like how the transition is going now. I've tried all the formats thus far and am happy with all of them. And I especially like how the android app combines the different formats.

Looking forward to next month's magazine... only a few days to go!