Linux Journal 2010 Wall Calendars Now Available

For those of you who were with us back in 2002, you may remember a wall calendar we produced in celebration of issue 100 of Linux Journal. It was such a fun calendar that for years to come readers would ask me when we were going to print another. I always joked "ask me in another 100 issues". When Executive Editor Jill Franklin reminded me that issue 200 was coming up in 2010, I realized I was going to have to hold true to my promise (and lots of other "ask me in 100 issues" promises).

Wow do 100 issues of a magazine go by fast. *chuckle*

Ok folks, so it's here. Announcing your Linux Journal 2010 Wall Calendar. You can find out more details and place your order in the LJ Store.

If you're a Linux Journal subscriber, drop me a line at publisher at linuxjournal dot com with your subscriber ID and I'll e-mail you back a coupon code that will get you a discount on the calendar.

Lastly, please note we've printed a limited quantity of these so when they're gone, they're gone. Get yours now if interested. This one is really cool, I promise. Here's a photo of the back cover -- it features snapshots of all of the images you'll be able to find inside the pages of the 2010 calendar:


Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.


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Linux Journal 2010 Calendar

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The calendar is too much America for my taste. Sorry, I pass.