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I have a network attached external hard drive that is running Linux. While it was attached to the network all was well, however it died and I now have lost my files. I can read the drive and see what is on it but I have no idea what to look for in the files. I have excel docs that were saved in windows and put on the drive but don't know what the extension of the files would be. Any help would be great.

The Normal Extension

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The files will be saved with same name and extension that they'd have on a Windows system, for excel files that's normally .xls.

The larger problem you may have, assuming you're trying to access the drive directly and access it from a Windows system is that it probably isn't formatted with a Windows compatible file system (FAT or NTFS). Most likely it's formatted with the EXT2 file system. There are programs out there that will allow you to read these from a Windows system, for example explore2fs.

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Thank you so much. As soon as I got the file installed it worked great.
Thanks Again