I'll Take Gingerbread and Honeycomb Over Fruit

Thankfully, Google has started the release process for their latest and greatest Android version -- Gingerbread. I'm looking forward to installing CyanogenMod's spin of 2.3 as soon as it's available. The big frustration for me, however, is that Gingerbread turned out not to be the tablet killing OS we all hoped for. Oh sure, there are some Android tablets available, but until Google allows regular access to the Marketplace, tablets running Android are going to be a kludge.

Until Honeycomb.

It's a bit odd to be thinking about the next version of Android, since 2.3 was just taken out of the metaphorical oven. If you watch this video, however, you might get some renewed hope in the tablet market. I know I sure did:

Granted there won't be any tablets available in time for Christmas that are running Honeycomb (Or Gingerbread for that matter), but it sure does make next year look rather exciting. If I could get the functionality of an iPad with the openness of an Android device -- it might actually entice me to get a tablet computer. When you add the recent release of Google's eBook store, it certainly seems like the big G has plans to compete with Apple, Amazon, and B&N. So while it may not be much fun to unwrap, I might be asking for a raincheck this Christmas. Well, maybe a raincheck and a pony...

H/T to Digital Divide for the awesome video.


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I'll take HP's webOS over fruits or robots

johnfromunix's picture

I'm still astounded by how productive I am with webOS and how good it feels to have such an elegant workflow. The geek in me loves it as a Linux-based platform with easy access to a shell prompt and a great ecosystem of patches, kernels and homebrew apps. The productive side of me loves that I can multitask my notes, tasks, email, web, twitter, appointments, etc. all while getting unobtrusive notifications that can take me straight to the task when I choose. Oh yeah, and the developer in me loves that it's a web-based platform with many frameworks available to build with. Seems even Google's caught onto this model with Chrome OS.

Toshiba FOLIO 100

KevinHansen's picture

Toshiba Folio 100 tablet with modded Android ROM actually works quite well and this is out now. Market works as well. There is still a lot of work to be done of course, the device has only been out since November, but the community development goes fast.


iPads are for iDiots

Janne's picture

I saw one in real life for the first time a few days ago. Not impressed.

Who cares about iPad killers

John Bailey's picture

In reality, there are some who will buy Apple stuff no matter what, and would be delighted with an empty box.
There are some who will scream about the "user expereince" on every forum. Even when every second reply is that everything else already has this and more.

Fanboys operate on faith, not reason. The hilarious predictions of how wonderful the iPad would be around launch, and the reality that was revealed in any other brand would have been met with derision. It was met with praise.

You can not win. Nobody can.

And unfortunately, there are many who will crash any discussion to praise their Apple toy. No matter how much of a logical stretch it is to make relevant. Some of which will no doubt turn up here eventually.

So iPad killer.. Who cares. No matter how good it is, the hard core Apple army will never accept defeat until Apple files for bankruptcy. And then the will claim that it was sabotaged by "haters".

The Android tablets however, show great promise. I'm waiting until the honeycomb models come out with a 7 inch screen, 1gig+ processor, expandable storage, and a price I can justify. I recon around 3rd quarter next year, I'll be trying to convince myself to not buy one. An iPad?.. No problem. If I was given one, straight on eBay after I confirmed it was in working order.


Circuitsoft's picture

Have you looked at the Notion Ink Adam? It's in pre-order now and is expected to start shipping Jan. 6, and it looks like it'll be a fantastic device.


LC's picture

I'd like a low carb alternative :-)

Looks like an iPad "hurter"

Jimmy the Geek's picture

Probably not an iPad killer, but it does look like it could take some of the iPad's thunder. Apple's done made their money, just like they did with the iPod & iPhone, so time to move on to the next industry changer!

I'm going to be in line for one of these when they hit! The iPad's nice, but I'll take an open source device every time. I have a habit of wanting to use things I buy MY way, not the way someone else says.